Using Parcelforce with Stream

This integration enables you to send order data between Stream and Parcelforce.

Most businesses managing deliveries with Stream use their own fleet of vehicles. Occasionally though, delivering via companies such as Parcelforce can be very useful for delivering smaller items, parcels and during busy periods.

The use of 3PL or couriers as part of your logistics planning can give you more flexibility. For example, to quickly scale up and meet sudden increases in demand, or to expedite delivery when routes/runs are at capacity.

With the Parcelforce integration in place, it’s easy to plan and track deliveries in Stream.

When planning in Stream, create a special limited run for a Parcelforce delivery. On this run, add any orders or items that you plan to deliver via Parcelforce. The routing for this order will be handled by Parcelforce.

‘Print’ the run, to send information about the order from Stream to your Parcelforce account, via Parcelforce’s API.

Send order information like service level, delivery date, and delivery address, so Parcelforce can book the delivery.

Once Parcelforce validates the details, the delivery is automatically booked, and you can print Parcelforce-specific barcode labels.

Print and affix the Parcelforce label to the order or item. The Parcelforce driver will scan the label on collection. At that point, the order is marked as complete in Stream.

Parcelforce generates its own tracking code for the order. Once the order is dispatched, this tracking code is available in your Stream account. The tracking code links to Parcelforce’s tracking page. From here, you can follow the progress of the delivery (just like you would on Stream’s tracking page).

Parcelforce handles delivery and tracking information for the end customer.

Stream Go Parcelforce Integration

Keep operations flexible by integrating Stream with Parcelforce. Seamlessly incorporate courier delivery into your overall logistics planning. Easily plan and track any deliveries made via a courier, directly in Stream.