Using Cybake? Stream helps bakeries using Cybake manage their complex logistics operations

Commercial bakers choose Cybake to manage their entire bakery operation to reduce costs by minimising waste in their shops, cutting admin time and ensuring they only pay for the ingredient they need (and ordered); increase sales through customer online ordering and data-driven shop sales intelligence; and improve efficiency with automated business processes.

And if those bakers have complex logistics requirements, and are looking for a solution to completely automate delivery route scheduling (i.e. how many vans are required, how many drops will each van make, what are the most efficient routes), send proactive customer notifications and provide order and delivery tracking, then Cybake’s integration with Stream will provide exactly that.

What is Cybake?

Cybake bakery software is used by retail and wholesale bakeries to cut admin, improve efficiency and increase sales by processing their orders and managing production, invoicing and shops.

A cloud solution that is easy to use, Cybake provides the best analytics in the business and integrates smoothly with bakeries’ accounts, e-commerce, POS, labeling and weighing systems.

Cybake is delivered securely via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. It is a monthly subscription-based solution, and it is modular, so bakeries only ever pay for the parts of Cybake they need.

Regularly updated, Cybake users benefit from full support from a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable support team with bakery sector expertise, which is included in their subscription.

Cybake bakery software family devices

It’s the perfect bakery software for artisan, retail and wholesale bakers of all types and sizes, as well as large retailers with in-store bakery operations.

Typically, commercial bakers choose Cybake because it:

  • Is a trusted, long-established, solution, with many users
  • Modern, pure cloud software designed specifically for their industry
  • Scales from small business to large
  • Easy to use with great customer support
  • Customers receive comprehensive onboarding with full training
  • Integrates well with other business applications (including Stream!)
  • A technology leader in the baking sector.

What are Cybake’s key features?

  • Purchasing management and reporting
  • Automated order taking from all channels
  • Automated invoicing
  • Automated retail outlet replenishment/management
  • Customer account management
  • Recipe management
  • Automated production sheets
  • Allergen and declaration information management
  • Deliveries management and control
  • Clear business intelligence reporting on all the above
  • Integration with accounts, e-commerce, ePOS, labelling, weighing, and EDI applications.

Cybake Bakery Software Purchase Invoice Analysis by Ingredient BI

Why use the Stream & Cybake integration?

Cybake collates customer orders from various sources (online, ecommerce, stores EDI). Customer orders are then transferred from Cybake to Stream via API, providing Stream with the information required to plan delivery routes. Stream’s Cybake logistics integration helps you to:


What information gets passed from Cybake into Stream?

Here’s all the information that gets passed from Cybake into Stream ready for orders to be planned and delivered:

  • Customer Details (Name/Address/Telephone Number)
  • Product Details (Product Code/Product Description)
  • Order Details (Order ID/PO Number/Delivery Date/Order Quantity).