Stream integrates with your business technology ecosystem to support your logistics operation and help your business grow.

Integrate Stream with your existing systems including accounting, warehouse, inventory, ecommerce, shipping & omnichannel retail management software.

Our integrations ecosystem is growing.

We're continually expanding the number of business systems that Stream integrates with.

Learn more about each integration below.

Don’t see the system you’re looking for? You can create your own integration using our our API guide or you can talk to our team about developing a new integration for your software system.

You can also import your orders into Stream using either a CSV or XML file.
Codeless Platforms

Use Codeless Platforms to connect Stream to your favourite business apps using drag & drop integration builder. Automate workflows and benefit from order creation & updates in Stream.


Use Zapier to connect Stream to your favourite business apps (such as Shopify, QuickBooks & Woocommerce), automate workflows and move orders into Stream ready to be planned and delivered.