Truck & HGV Specific Navigation from CoPilot

Achieve truck and HGV fleet-wide efficiency and compliance with CoPilot’s reliable enterprise fleet navigation and routing that never lets you down. Get there faster and safer, delivering the following benefits along the way.

For Drivers

  • Accurate, safe and truck-legal navigation keeps drivers and vehicles safe.
  • Navigate routes which are both safe for you and your truck or HGV that avoid hazards such as low bridges and restricted roads.
  • An easy-to-use, distraction-free in-cab app allows drivers to focus on the road.
  • Deliver on time and spend less time on the road with efficient routing and precise ETAs.

For Operators

  • CoPilot can reduce fuel and operating costs to maximise revenue across the whole fleet.
  • Truck-safe routes avoid narrow roads and low bridges to reduce the risk of costly bridge-strikes.
  • Improve customer service by communicating precise, dynamic ETAs based on real-time road conditions.

For Transport Planners

  • Create routing profiles for each vehicle type, based on dimensions and load.
  • Use those profiles to generate the most efficient truck-legal routes.
  • In-app detours can quickly give drivers an alternative route when something comes up.


CoPilot Truck takes care of efficiency, safety and compliance

Keeping Drivers Safe

In-cab navigation from CoPilot is designed first and foremost with safety in mind. Avoid hazards like low bridges or truck-restricted roads, with turn-by-turn navigation built for truckers. Follow accurate, truck-legal routes with driver-friendly visual and audio guidance, from origin to destination.

The CoPilot app has an easy-to-use, non-distracting interface, so drivers can concentrate on the road. View maps in 3D or 2D, with a Driver Safety View that reduces in-cab distraction. Use voice-guided navigation with spoken street names and alerts only when necessary. Lane-assist guidance and real road signage make it easy to safely manoeuvre the vehicle with no dangerous, last-moment turns.

Keeping Drivers Compliant

CoPilot gives you highly accurate, safe and truck-legal navigation. Create multiple pre-defined custom truck routing profiles with settings for Heavy, Medium and Light Duty vehicles. Distinguish vehicle types within the fleet, based on height, width, length, weight, axle weight, class and/or load (including any hazardous materials). Use CoPilot Truck to plan routes in line with regulatory compliance for the vehicle type.

Drivers then use the app for in-cab navigation that avoids low bridges and truck-restricted roads. In-app detour functionality quickly gives drivers an alternative truck-legal route as and when they need it. Posted speed limits are displayed within the app with audio alerts to minimise excess speed and avoid fines or other penalties.

Keeping Trucks & HGVs Efficient

Achieve consistent fleet-wide efficiency gains with smart route planning built for trucks. CoPilot helps you to maximise revenue by reducing overall fuel and operating costs. Reduce out-of-route mileage by up to 10% to cut fuel usage and wasted miles. Plan and optimise routes that take the vehicle, load and number of stops into account with CoPilot and Stream, then keep customers informed with precise, dynamic ETAs based on real-time road conditions.

Improve retention (and cut hiring costs) by equipping your drivers with effective, easy-to-use tools. The CoPilot app is user-friendly, quick to learn and distraction-free, so drivers can get started with minimal training. Offline navigation, in-route detour functionality and real-time traffic information work to give you precise ETAs, avoid potential delays, and help drivers deliver on time. You can also use CoPilot to measure and monitor driver performance, with post-trip analysis of planned versus actual routes.

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CoPilot Truck. Powered by Trimble MAPS

CoPilot Truck is powered by Trimble MAPS, the professional mapping and application solution dedicated to transforming journeys through innovative routing, scheduling, visualisation and navigation. Specifically designed for commercial vehicles, Trimble MAPS was developed with map data and map-centric technology for industries, work forces and fleets of all sizes.