Download our guides today & get a deeper insight into the logistics, transportation and fleet management sector.

Filled with insights from the Stream Team has gained from working on technology solutions for logistics businesses, each guide will give you the low-down on a specific aspect of the sector.

Whitepaper | ePOD: Going the Extra Mile for the Final Mile

The final mile in your delivery process may be your customer’s only touch point with your brand. Things like Amazon, and by the ‘uberisation’ of services means customer expectations for delivery are higher than ever. A comprehensive and reliable ePOD system lets SMEs managing their own deliveries compete with those household names.

Download our guide to ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) to find out:

  • How electronic proof of delivery can help you to delight your customers and build strong & loyal relationships
  • Why your drivers & back-office staff will love the convenience, control & access to real-time information an ePOD system gives them
  • What savings you could make to your bottom line with the efficiencies offered in an ePOD system

Checklist | Walkaround Check Sheet & Defect Report Template

It can be hard to make sure drivers have completed their daily walkaround checks sufficiently. If they’re not completed, vehicles are out on the road non-compliant and potentially unsafe.

Walkaround checks and other vehicle maintenance tasks shouldn’t feel like a restriction for drivers or a big administrative burden for back office staff. You can download this driver daily walkaround sheet & defect report template for free. Use it as a basis to start the vehicle check and defect management process.

Make sure your vehicles stay compliant, operational & roadworthy by making the walkaround check process simple and efficient. The first step towards that is using a pen-and-paper check sheet, like the one you can download here.

For a more thorough inspection and maintenance process though, using an App like Stream Check automates the defect management process, closes the gap between daily checks and regular inspections and makes it easy to keep your fleet compliant, operational & roadworthy.