Today’s instant-gratification, the on-demand economy is rapidly shifting the operations for warehousing, distribution and fulfilment.

At the same time as the omnichannel landscape is being transformed with increased volumes and faster delivery requirements, we are seeing a global shortage in the workforce.

Leaders need to adapt fast and adapt the latest technology to improve productivity, enhance capabilities and drive modernisation in their warehouse operations.

Key trends for the future of warehousing

What is driving growth for warehousing organisations?

Faster delivery and end-customers are the primary factor driving growth plans for 46% of respondents

What are the challenges the warehousing industry faces today?

Labour recruitment and/or labour efficiency and productivity are among the top challenges for 60% of respondents

What strategies are warehouse organisations planning for the future?

80% of respondents plan to be competitive with investment in new technologies

Warehousing and plans for automation

  • 61% of respondents plan to implement partial automation by 2024, by equipping workers with the devices and technology they need to be able to rely on a combination of human and technology
  • 27% of respondents plan to implement full automation by 2024, with no human involvement whatsoever in warehouse operations.

The future of warehousing in Europe

  • The average warehouse is set to grow by 26% (in square footage) in the next five years
  • RFID and location technology use is anticipated to increase by 2024

Vision Study: The future of warehousing

Download this vision study from our partner Zebra Technologies for insights into the state of the warehousing industry, upcoming technological and workplace trends in the sector, and Zebra’s recommendations for how you can capture a competitive edge in the digital age.

The study looks at research commissioned by Zebra Technologies, to “analyse the trends and challenges that are transforming warehousing operations”.

The study features insights from 1,403 decision-makers in IT and operational roles from across the world. Respondents came from industries like transportation and logistics, post and parcel delivery, wholesale distribution, retail and manufacturing. Respondents were asked about their 2019-2024 strategies (both current and in the future) for warehouse, distribution and fulfilment centre modernisation.

Zebra solutions for warehousing

We work with Zebra Technologies to deliver ruggedised devices and mobility solutions, tailored to the warehousing and logistics sector. Zebra offers enterprise-grade devices with ruggedisation features, powerful inbuilt scanning capabilities and intelligent connectivity, but with the ease-of-use of the consumer Android OS. Learn more about Zebra devices for the warehouse environment.

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