Zebra Technologies discusses the Future of Healthcare

Across the globe, healthcare facilities are being profoundly impacted. But even before the current pandemic hit, the healthcare sector was in the midst of technological transformation.

To better understand the impact of this shift in clinical mobility, Zebra commissioned a number of global research studies.

They analysed the role of technology on nurse managers, IT decision-makers, and recently hospitalised patients in acute care hospitals to release the 2022 UK Hospital Vision Study.

“Mobile technology elevates patient care, empowers clinicians and enhances workflows.”

Respondents identified compelling shifts in acute care hospitals and their impact on quality, cost and outcomes.

Some of the key findings are:

The use of mobile devices in healthcare is growing

In 2017, the use of mobile devices by nurses was 74%, doctors was 38% and pharmacists was 41%. The study predicts that by 2022, 100% of doctors and nurses, and 99% of pharmacists, will use mobile devices as part of their healthcare duties.

Mobile technology is already having a big impact on care

The use of mobile technology is already showing meaningful improvements, with 55% of hospitals citing a reduction in the cost of patient care and 88% highlighting an improvement in the quality of care. Additionally, 61% of nurses reported reduced medication administration errors.

Patients are more tech-savvy than ever

With 57% of patients surveyed currently using wearables to track health metrics – 95% of whom would be willing to share health metrics collected from their wearables with their clinicians.

Over three-quarters, (77%) of patients were also positive about clinicians using mobile devices as part of their care.

Whitepaper: The Future of Healthcare

Download this whitepaper from our partners Zebra Technologies to get their predictions for the future of healthcare in the UK.

Learn how healthcare professionals will use technology trends set to transform healthcare including:

  1. Remote patient monitoring
  2. Telehealth
  3. AI (artificial intelligence)



Comprehensive solutions for Healthcare

Zebra’s range of solutions for healthcare covers:

  • Real-time Locating Systems (RLTS), which enables healthcare providers to identify, track, locate and monitor the condition of patients, assets and staff
  • Manage patient identification so that patient records, medication and samples etc. are matched against the right patient, which ensures the right care is provided.
  • Collaboration and communication amongst healthcare providers.

Stream has also been working with Zebra to provide transport management software and comprehensive track and trace for pharmaceutical distributor, Mawdsleys.


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