Next generation of pickup & delivery trends are putting customers into the driver’s seat

New technologies and regulations have given retailers and customers more innovative ways to distribute goods than ever before: direct-to-consumer, ship-from-store, click-and-collect, free delivery & easy returns, and the list goes on.

The customer experience economy and the rise of review culture mean that customer service and satisfaction have to be a priority in today’s fast-paced retail landscape.

Finding ways to keep retail and eCommerce customers satisfied and loyal is the key to quickly gaining a competitive advantage. Ensure you are delivering the best service experience at the point of pickup and delivery – whatever format that moment takes.

Particularly at those start and end points of the supply chain, when the customer is shipping or receiving goods, they expect (and deserve) to know everything there is to know about that shipment:

  • When it was shipped?
  • Where it is now?
  • When it will be delivered?

Give customers a more efficient, more visible, more predictable, and more cost-effective supply chain by keeping your driver connected.

Stream’s driver app and proactive email & SMS customer notifications, enable workers to provide the insights you need to enhance customer service levels.

Combine Stream Go with the ‘always-on’ reliability of a rugged Zebra proof of delivery device to keep driver (and fleets) working productively, safely and effectively.


Next Generation Pickup and Delivery

Download this whitepaper from our partners Zebra Technologies to discover what’s in the future for pickup and delivery.

Increased scrutiny and need for real-time information mean that pick-up and delivery are always evolving and moving forward with the times. In order to keep customers satisfied (and maintain the competitive edge needed to stay profitable), your operations have to keep up by adopting flexible, scalable mobile technology-based solutions.



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