Improve productivity & accuracy in the warehouse with Zebra’s HD4000 enterprise head-mounted display

It looks like the future is here already.

The first of its kind HD4000 from Zebra Technologies makes head-mounted devices a reality. Workers wearing the headset can access hands-free directed workflows. The information they need is projected right into their real-time field of vision, so eyes and hands are free to stay on-task.

The HD4000 was developed in collaboration with Six15 Technologies, designed specifically to connect with Zebra’s Android mobile computers – and delivers everything you could need in an enterprise-class mobile device accessory.


It’s easy to implement augmented reality functionality in your warehouse or logistics environment. Quickly integrate the device into new or existing applications and workflows, and deploy at the touch of a button – no additional batteries or staging required. Once the HD4000 is connected to your Android Zebra devices, the information your workers need is projected directly into their real-time field of view. This means that workers can use hands-free directed action workflows to increase order processing and production volumes – with no extra staff.

Light & comfortable – yet rugged

The HD4000 is equipped but all the enterprise-class features you need. But for wearable technology like this, its the combination of comfortable wear & rugged design that really sets the device apart. The device is built to last for years despite all-day-everyday drops, bumps and spills, yet comfortable enough to wear all day. With no need for an integrated battery, processor and wireless radios, the HD4000 only weighs about an ounce. A display, camera, head tracker and microphone are all packed into this head-mounted device.

Clear images

By collaborating with Six15 Technologies, a leader in wearable optical displays, Zebra has been able to deliver image quality is truly second-to-none, in the only see-through wearable display built for enterprise use. Eye-strain can be a real worry with head-mounted technology this – but the HD4000 a crisp, sharp, easy-to-see display that’s easy on the eye – even during the longest shifts. Give workers the highest quality visual experience, with unmatched colour, contrast and image clarity. The focal distance on the HD4000 is also optimised for head-mounted use – minimising eye fatigue.


The HD4000 head-mounted display is easy to use. Plug it into the host mobile device via USB, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. With no batteries to purchase and monitor, no wireless radios to configure and no OS updates, this might just be the easiest device to manage, too.