View & Monitor Real-Time Performance of Your Logistics Operation

Stream Go’s Progress Monitor is designed to run on a smart TV mounted on a wall, standalone monitor screen or a wallboard in the office.

It gives you an at-a-glance overview of current runs – all in real-time – giving you peace of mind.

The screen constantly refreshes – think of it like an airport departure lounge screen. In place of flights, it displays all your runs that are currently in progress.

You can easily view and track the status of runs, deliveries and collections without disturbing your workflow. Quickly and easily spot potential issues and take proactive steps to solve them before they escalate.

What are the benefits of the Progress Monitor?

  • Easily see drivers falling behind schedule
  • Easily see issues with collections or deliveries
  • Easily see the status of all your runs
  • It’s easy to take a proactive approach to customer communication, with a simple overview of active runs
  • Always available and up to date
  • Colour coded symbols make issues easy to see and resolve
  • Information is automatically refreshed and updated in real-time.

Tracking individual orders through the order monitor

As well as tracking the status of current runs, you can also view the status of the individual orders on those runs with Stream’s Order Monitor.

The Order Monitor is a standalone, output-only screen that you can run on a monitor or smart TV in your office, for an at-a-glance overview of every order currently expected to be delivered on a given day.

This overview of orders at an individual level allows you to quickly and easily see the status of your orders on the day and review the previous day’s operation.

From a customer service and operations perspective, it gives your team an additional layer of up-to-the-moment information – and another way to identify (and resolve) issues as soon as they come up.

Tracking all your vehicles through the map-based progress monitor

As well as the ‘airport departure lounge’ style progress monitor, you can also view your vehicles that are currently out for delivery/collection runs in a map view.

You’ll be able to see all your vehicles in a single map screen, with colour-coded pins, so you can tell at-a-glance the status of all runs.

Colour-coding makes it easy to spot potential issues, and contact the driver and/or customer to quickly resolve them, or to proactively communicate when a delivery is likely to be behind schedule.

Green means that particular run is on-time, while an amber pin means that run is slightly behind time.

Runs marked with a red pin are significantly behind time.

If you hover over each of the pins, you can see more information about the status of the run.

Vehicle Monitoring Map Example Showing Vehicle Details Bubble