Zebra TC75 Rugged Mobile Proof of Delivery Device

TC75 devices from Zebra act as a rugged proof of delivery / collection device for commercial drivers and anyone involved in the delivery process.

The devices help to improve the customer service delivered by your drivers, by allowing them to work more efficiently with Stream. TC7-Series devices can be used as handheld barcode scanners, but are actually powerful, enterprise-class computers.

The devices are built to last in the warehouse or on the road, and have excellent capabilities for accessing and communicating real-time information.

Benefits of using rugged TC75 Devices as a handheld PDA for drivers

  • ADVANCED HANDHELD SCANNING CAPABILITIES: TC75 devices feature Zebra’s most advanced scan engine. The inbuilt scanner has a longer range for information capture, making it easier than ever for your drivers to capture barcodes and other scanned information.
  • SUPERIOR CONNECTIVITY: the TC75 has 802.11a/b/g/n connectivity and also 4G/LTE. This makes communication and access to information possible, wherever and whenever your drivers need it.
  • WORKS ANYWHERE: the devices are ruggedised and built to survive drops, spills and tumbles. Combined with great inbuilt communication capabilities, this makes them perfect for use in warehouse, logistics and transport environments.
  • ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM: the TC75 works on Android (or Windows), to offer a user interface that’s familiar to your drivers, cutting back on the need for specialist training in order to introduce the devices to your team.
  • ENTERPRISE-CLASS FEATURES: by employing Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx), the standard Android operating system is transformed into a truly enterprise-class operating system, with additional business and security features required by your drivers.

The rugged design of Zebra’s TC75 make them a reliable solution for transport and logistics environments. Operating on Android, enhanced with Zebra’s Mx, the devices offer an enterprise OS that can increase efficiency and produce a positive ROI. The devices utilise advanced voice and data features and a range of snap-on accessories to make them perfectly suited to the needs of commercial drivers – from in-can chargers to wearable accessories.

The TC75 has an industry-leading dual-mode touch panel, so data nd signatures can be captured with any combination of finger, gloved finger and stylus. the screen automatically detects the method and adjusts accordingly, meaning that drivers and customers can use the method they feel comfortable with, with no extra fuss.

With comprehensive audio functionality, including louder volume ability and noise-cancelling technology, TC75 devices foster collaboration and communication between drivers, back-office staff and customers.