Increase Customer Service & Efficiency with a Rugged TC56 Proof of Delivery Device

For businesses making deliveries with their own vehicles, the ability to capture electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is an integral part of the process.

Having an ePOD system like Stream in place is only half the battle. For drivers out on the road, the right mobile device is essential to efficiently and reliably capture ePODs and have that information relayed in real-time.

Workers want a device with the convenience and style of the smartphones they are used to.

When your drivers are using their ePOD devices outdoors, in the warehouse and on the road, with the possibility they will be dropped, knocked, spilled on and shaken around, the odds of a disaster are high.

For your business to get the best out of an ePOD device, you need one that will last for years, with features that help your workers to be more productive whilst keeping your customers’ data secure, as well as available-anywhere connectivity, whether in the office or out on the road.

It can feel like you have to choose between an enterprise-level, rugged phone (that looks and feels like a tank) and a professional-looking consumer smartphone (that’s liable to break the first time it’s dropped).

You don’t have to make that compromise between design and functionality: designed for the workforce, not for casual smartphone users, Zebra’s TC56 makes your delivery process more efficient, with the design and convenience of a contemporary smartphone.

Benefits of using the Zebra TC56 Proof of Delivery device

  • Powerful Wireless Connections: The TC56 includes some of the fastest and most reliable wireless connections, from the depths of your warehouse to the remotest destination on the road.
  • Processing Power: The processing power of the TC56 is unmatched. The device boasts power efficiency that allows you to capture and process a wealth of data in various formats, at the touch of a button. Applications run up to 5 times faster, whilst using up to 15% less power.
  • Brilliant Graphics: With a large 5-inch high-definition screen, the TC56 has advanced technology for graphics-intensive intuitive applications. The devices are designed with best-in-class outdoor readability – even in bright sunlight. The touchscreen is usable when wet, so ePODs can be collected in the rain, with a gloved finger or a stylus.
  • Ultimate scanning performance: The TC56 has advanced scanning technology, with PRZM-intelligent scanning, for easy barcode reading, every time. The device can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes – no matter if they are dirty, badly printed, damaged, or even displayed on a screen.
  • Outstanding Camera: Featuring a 13-megapixel camera, your workers are able to take ultra-high-resolution photos as part of the ePOD process, giving you indisputable proof-of-delivery, proof-of-service and proof-of-condition.
  • Excellent Security: With Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx), your Android operating system is made more robust and suited to enterprise-level use. The software is pre-installed on every device and easy to deploy.
  • Inbuilt Mobility DNA: Along with Mx, every Zebra device is preinstalled with Mobility DNA, a suite of mobility enabling applications, development tools and utilities that make it easy to accelerate your solution and use the TC56 as a high-powered business device, not just a regular smartphone.
  • Integration with Stream: Stream Go’s logistics and transport management system is compatible with Zebra devices, and powers your hardware with the software for a solid ePOD solution.

The TC56 has impressive specifications too. At just 18.6 mm thick, and weighing 8.8 oz, the phone is impressively small and light, considering it’s 5-inch touchscreen and powerful Android operating system and 64-bit Hex-Core processor

The really impressive part of the TC56 though (and the reason it makes such a great device for ePOD) is its rugged capability. It can be used with no problem in wet and dusty environments. The device can be used in unusually high and low temperatures and is protected with a unibody design, and Corning Gorilla glass, for maximum scratch and shatter-proofing. The devices have been tested to survive a minimum of 500 1.6 ft tumbles, as well as drops of four feet onto tile over concrete and five feet with boot.

With consumer devices available so cheaply, it is tempting to see them as semi-disposable – when one breaks we’ll just get another. But ‘investing’ in budget devices, meant for consumers, is a false economy, as repairs and replacements often make for a much higher lifetime cost per device. Zebra devices are even guaranteed for three years – if you need it.

When choosing an ePOD device for your drivers, you don’t need to compromise design for functionality (or vice versa). The TC56 looks and handles like any top-of-the-range consumer smartphone, but with the enterprise-level features that businesses need: manageability, security and power requirements, as well as a ruggedised design that ensures it won’t be out of action.