Zebra ET55 Rugged Tablets for Transportation & Logistics

ET55 rugged tablets give you the portability and usability of a consumer tablet, combined with the durability and enterprise-class features of Zebra devices.

With 4G LTE support, drivers can stay connected, wherever they are, using some of the world’s fastest cellular data networks.

With all the features of a Zebra mobile device, using a tablet for ePOD collection offers possibilities for more complex tasks to be completed on the road, and gives drivers and customers an easy-to-read interface.

Benefits of using ET55 rugged tablets

  • DURABILITY: with a ruggedised frame, the ET55 was built to endure tough logistics and delivery environments.
  • POWER: the ET55 features extra-long battery life, along with the constant power provided by rechargable external battery packs, so downtime can be practically eliminated.
  • USABILITY: running on Android’s operating system means that users will be able to quickly and easily access the full functionality of the ET55. A tablet-sized screen offers easier readability and the option to complete more complex tasks right from the device.
  • CONNECTIVITY: the ET55 has powerful connectivity options, so drivers can always communicate with customers and back office staff, whether they’re in the warehouse or on the road. Connectivity features include: GPS, NFC, fast Wi-Fi and cellular wireless connexions (4G LTE)
  • DATA CAPTURE: the ET55 is the perfect tablet for barcode scanning, with integrated front and back cameras, additional scan engines and bluetooth scanners available as accessories and touchscreen data entry via finger, gloved finger or stylus (even when the screen is wet.

Designed to be used 24/7, the ET55 is great solution for commercial drivers.

Ruggedisation, constant power and 4G connectivity combine to offer a device you can truly rely on for continuous operation.

The usability of Android’s OS, with the security and business features of Zebra’s Mobility Extention (Mx), make the ET55 an enterprise-grade device.