Integration: Stream and Sage

Improve accuracy and cut time spent on paperwork with Sage and Stream’s integration.


Sage 50 and Sage Business Cloud Accounting help you manage invoicing and financials, whether you:

  • Push orders into Sage for invoicing; or
  • Pull orders out of Sage for delivery planning


Stream is a cloud-based logistics and delivery management system for businesses using their own vehicles.

Use Stream Go to plan vehicle loads, find the best routes and message customers with arrival times.

Stream Go also has an app to track drivers and collect electronic proof of delivery (ePOD).

Stream and Sage

By integrating Sage with Stream Go delivery software you can:

  • Reduce the rekeying of information
  • Minimise the risk of error
  • Speed up the transfer of information

The integration works one of two ways:

  • From Stream to Sage

Businesses with orders first recorded via Stream Go can push orders into Sage for invoicing. This method is usually used for businesses making deliveries on behalf of others, like logistics companies. The Stream to Sage integration streamlines the delivery-to-invoice process for better cashflow.

  • From Sage to Stream

Businesses delivering goods they sell, either B2B or direct to consumer. Take orders entered into Sage (manually or via channels like Amazon, Magento or Shopify) and push the information straight through to Stream Go to plan and implement the delivery process. The Sage to Stream integration streamlines the order-to-delivery process for improved service.