Electronic Proof Of Delivery & Collection Software

Enable your team to consistently deliver exceptional customer service and drive operational efficiency with Stream Go electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and collection (ePOC) software – all in real-time.

Traditionally, transportation and logistics operations have collected proof of delivery using paper-based forms.

These paper forms could be easily lost and damaged in transit. Once they had finally arrived at the headquarters, they needed to be processed by a back office team – further delaying the invoicing cycle.

Capturing proof of delivery and / or collection electronically with Stream Go provides you, your team and your customers with complete visibility throughout the delivery process, meaning you can consistently provide a professional and efficient service to your customers.

  • Easily capture proof of delivery and collection information using Stream Go’s intuitive mobile driver app
  • Electronically record signatures, photographs and notes stamped with the time, date and location for successful deliveries and collections
  • Enable contactless proof of delivery (or collection) by switching mandatory signatures off (and make photos mandatory if you wish) to help keep your drivers and customers safe
  • Individual items can be marked separately as delivered or not delivered (or delivered with damage, part delivered etc.)
  • In the case of failed deliveries or deliveries with issues, mitigate risk and ensure a clear audit trail to minimise customer disputes
  • Your customers and back-office staff can receive real-time, proactive notifications at each stage of the process
  • Eliminate paperwork and significantly reduce administration
  • All events associated with deliveries are securely stored in the Cloud and easily accessible through the Stream Go back office system.

Making ePOD accessible

Stream Go provides easy, accurate and real-time proof of delivery and collection for customers, drivers, partners and your back office team.

Proof of delivery and / or collection is captured using the simple and highly intuitive driver mobile app, ensuring a highly professional, consistent and efficient delivery process.

A full audit history is created. This means that queries and disputes are much less likely, and can be solved quickly and easily when they do occur, resulting in happier customers:

    • Date, time and GPS locations
    • Goods damage or other order issues
    • Delivery issues
    • Photos
    • Signatures
  • Barcode scans
  • Current delivery status.

Information captured during the delivery process is made available through a link on the tracking page. The link can also be attached to emails and SMS notifications and is available for internal use as well.

Split individual line items into two parts at the point of delivery or collection

Drivers are able to make partial deliveries right down to individual item or product level, assigning a different status to each part of that delivery if required.

By splitting individual line items and recording separate delivery statuses when they occur, completed orders and those that need re-delivery / remedial action can be reflected correctly in your back-office system, as soon as any issues occur. This is useful for inventory, billing and customer service purposes.

A customer, for instance, may have ordered three large office desks to be delivered. When your driver arrives, they find that one of the desks has been damaged in transit. In the mobile App, the driver can split the order into two, with the new quantity related to the number of desks that can be delivered successfully and one desk recorded as delivery failed.

The driver can capture signatures, photos and any relevant notes for both new line items as proof of delivery and proof of damage.

Adjusting quantities at the point of delivery or collection

For some businesses it can be difficult at the point of ordering to know the exact amount of product that needs to be delivered or collected. With Stream, drivers can adjust quantities in the driver mobile App at the point of delivery or collection, to exactly match the actual metered quantity dispensed, delivered or collected.

Stream’s adjust functionality is particularly useful for businesses that don’t know the exact quantity to be delivered (or collected) at the point of order. These might be businesses delivering or collecting fuel oil, bulk liquids, some food stuffs, pellets, aggregates or logs.

Learn more about the quantity adjustments feature in Stream Go.