This example fleet mileage record template gives you a simple and easy way to keep a record of weekly mileage for every vehicle in your fleet.

You might need to keep a record of vehicle mileage for a number of reasons:

  • To record and calculate mileage for expense claims or for tax purposes
  • To populate booking schedules based on the mileage or distance a vehicle has travelled between inspections
  • To keep tabs on the annual mileage allowance on leased vehicles

Use this sheet template to record the vehicle and its’ weekly mileage and annual mileage allowance, and then use that information to calculate for each vehicle:

  • Mileage allowance per week
  • Current total mileage
  • Total remaining mileage
  • Current average mileage per week
  • Remaining average mileage per week

You could also use this template alongside our other templates, which you can get here.


Download your example fleet mileage record template


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