Properly managing vehicles & other assets is essential for any business with a growing fleet of vehicles or plant machinery.

How can you even begin to think about defect reporting, booking regular services & MOTs, driver and operator management, and other essentials of fleet maintenance, if you don’t have a proper record of each vehicle and piece of equipment you’re trying to manage?

A stack of registration documents in a filing cabinet, or being personally able to reel off a list of all the vehicles in the business doesn’t cut it.

You need to be able to centrally record vehicle details in an asset register. At a minimum, you should, for example, be able to produce for each vehicle (or asset):

  • Vehicle / asset registration / identifier
  • Vehicle / asset type
  • Vehicle / asset name
  • Vehicle / asset make
  • Vehicle / asset model
  • Vehicle / asset category
  • VIN (vehicle identification number)
  • Gross vehicle / asset weight
  • Usual depot
  • Any specific driver / operator licence requirements
  • EU emissions standard

Download your example equipment & vehicle asset register template


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Paperless Equipment & Vehicle Asset Registration

Rather than using pen and paper, why not explore Stream Check, a mobile App & software system that keeps your vehicles and plant machinery compliant, operational & roadworthy?

Save time and minimise paperwork & administrative burden by keeping vehicle & asset information in one place.

Unlike keeping a manual register of your vehicle & equipment assets, Stream Check’s vehicle management functionality allows you to:

  • Configure licence requirements & capabilities (payload, cube capacities, gross vehicle weight, etc.) for each asset type, to make assigning drivers & jobs easier
  • Link vehicles & equipment from the asset register to the maintenance system, for a holistic view of each vehicle’s daily walkaround checks, service bookings & maintenance history
  • Get both an up-to-date snapshot of maintenance information for individual vehicles or the fleet as a whole, and view & export historical data for auditing & reporting purposes
  • and costs from just £4 per vehicle per month