Many Stream subscribers take a flexible approach to logistics management, making deliveries using a combination of their own vehicles, 3rd party logistics (3PL), subcontractors and couriers.

If you have multiple ways of delivering goods from a depot, you can now dynamically change the delivery method assigned to orders, directly in ‘Advanced Planning’.

A couple of scenarios where this may help are presented below.

Transfer orders from 3PL/couriers to your own vehicles

When you have planned a run to deliver orders using your own fleet, you might find that you still have space on the vehicle after all orders are planned.

It may be cost effective to review any orders currently assigned to be delivered via a courier/3PL and see if they can be moved to this run instead.

In Advanced Planning, select the run, then either:

  1.  View orders assigned to courier/3PL on the map, to see which are close to the original planned run.
  2. Select orders in the map, and change the delivery method to another method e.g. a method representing your ‘own vehicles’ to assign them to the current run, using the ‘New Method’ action (see screen below).
  3. Select orders from the unplanned list, change the delivery method to ‘own vehicles’ and add to the run in a single step.

Transfer orders from your own vehicles to 3PL/couriers

You may, on the other hand, plan a run and then realise that there is not quite enough capacity in your own vehicles for every order.

Instead of planning an additional run (with another vehicle and driver) for just a few items, it may be more cost-effective to change the remaining orders to be delivered via courier/3PL.

You can do this in ‘Advanced Planning’, by

  1. Selecting the run and the order
  2. Select ‘New method’ Action from the list (as per screen below)
  3. Then change the delivery method to a method representing a Courier or 3PL.

Transfer orders between Delivery methodsTransfer orders between Delivery methods

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