Enabling individual line items to be split into two parts at the point of delivery or collection

Stream’s latest release makes splitting individual line items at the point of delivery or collection an easy and simple process.

Drivers will now be able to make partial deliveries right down to individual item or product level, assigning a different status to each part of that delivery if required.

How splitting line items helps your business

By splitting individual line items and recording separate delivery statuses when they occur, completed orders and those that need re-delivery / remedial action can be reflected correctly in your back-office system, as soon as any issues occur. This is useful for inventory, billing and customer service purposes.

Stream’s mobile driver App now features a window which enables the quantity for an item line to be split into two parts so that different statuses can be recorded.

In the example below, a customer has ordered three large office desks to be delivered.

splitting line items delivery software


When the driver arrives, they find that one of the desks has been damaged in transit.

In the mobile App, the driver has selected the ‘Action’ option and is presented with a pop-up window which enables them to split the order into two, with the new quantity related to the number of desks that can be delivered successfully and one desk recorded as delivery failed.

The driver can capture signatures, photos and any relevant notes for both new line items as proof of delivery and proof of damage.

Splitting line items at the point of delivery & collection

These changes are now reflected accurately in Stream with two desks shown as part delivered (delivery 1) and one as unplanned (delivery 2) so that re-delivery can scheduled as soon as possible.


splitting line items delivery software


To set up the split line items functionality, contact Stream support by emailing support@go2stream.com.