Day & calendar-based schedule of driver and vehicle availability

With Stream Go’s resource schedule you’ll quickly be able to see the last drop time and locations that have already been planned in one centralised place. With clear visual information about runs and available resources. 

You are able to get real-time information on your logistics operation and quickly determine which resources can be used to fulfil a particular task:

  • Drivers that are already allocated to runs and the period they are allocated for
  • Drivers that are available to be assigned to a job
  • Vehicles that are already allocated to runs and over a certain time period
  • Vehicles that are available to be allocated
  • A combination of each driver and vehicle that has or has not been allocated.


How the Resource Schedule works

Access the new resource schedule from the actions menu in the top left of advanced planning, by taking the Schedule option.


Stream Go Resource Planner - Access the new schedule from the actions menu (1) (1)


You have an option to toggle between drivers and vehicles (or both in combination). For each run you can see the see how long it is scheduled to take in total, driving times as well as the time taken per stop.

A helpful tool tip provides you with additional information on each run and stop, including the location and vehicle type assigned.

You can also toggle between daily, weekly or monthly views. You can navigate to any date historically, or look at future plans.