Quickly and easily amend delivery and / or collection addresses directly from planning

Our latest release for Stream Go enables users to edit the delivery and / or collection address and contact directly from the planning module in just the same way as you currently can in order details.

If an address has been entered incorrectly or has changed, you can do so from a single address change pop-up.

This further improves the user-friendliness of Stream as your users won’t have to work through different design elements to do the same function.

As with the addition of adjusting on site times to planning, address change pop-up removes the need to switch between modules when information changes, making the planning process simpler and more efficient.

How the new feature works

In this example, the user clicks on the address which needs to be changed.

Change address from the planning screen in Stream Go delivery software

A pop-up appears with the existing location details displayed.

Updated address lookup in the planning screen Stream Go delivery software

Now the user can amend which ever address detail is incorrect, in this case changing the postcode to ‘5PF’.

Easily edit addresses when planning routes in Stream Go delivery software

When users edit the name, first address line or postcode in the pop-up users will be prompted to confirm (or reject) the change.

As the way address information is saved has also been changed, the change is automatically stored as a new address instead of just updating the existing one. When any of these three key pieces of address information has been changed, it is regarded as a new address. The old address will still be available on old orders that might have used it.

Apply changes to customer address and location popup in Stream Go delivery software

Once confirmed, the adjustment is now reflected in the main planning module.

Easily change delivery location in Stream Go delivery software


This update is now a standard part of Stream Go for all users.