Release Notes

December 2022

New features and improvements for reporting, user/driver management and orders are amongst the updates coming your way this month in Stream.

Release Date

Wednesday 14th December 2022
In this release:


Run Upload Format Report

We’ve added additional columns/fields to the ‘Run Upload format’ export, including: 

  • Customer Order No
  • Service Level
  • Route Info
  • Required Date From / To
  • Required Time From / To
  • Item Description Notes

Order List CSV Export

We’ve added a ‘First Method’ column to the ‘Order List’ CSV export to show the first Delivery Method.

Users & Drivers

Control Turn app access for users in ‘Users & Drivers’

We’ve added an option in the ‘Users & Drivers’ screen for you to control which of your users have access to the Turn mobile app for GPS navigation. The amount of users that you can assign will depend on how many Turn licences you have added to your Stream subscription. 

Please contact [email protected] if you wish to add Turn licences to your subscription, or read more about the Turn mobile navigation app for HGVs and Commercial Vehicles on the link below.

Learn About Turn >


Assembly Time on Products

We’ve added additional time options to choose from in the ‘Assembly Time’ dropdown on Products. 

Product assembly times are automatically pulled through to any orders containing that particular product, and factored into the run times in planning.


Default On-Hand Date

We’ve added an option to make it possible to default the ‘On-Hand’ date to the current date in the Order/Item POST services in the Public API

Stream Mobile App

New Car Transport Variant

We’ve added Car Transport app functionality in to the main Stream mobile app. This has been done to incorporate the Car Transport app into the main Driver Walkaround app. 
If you have a Car Transport operation and want to know about the improvements, please contact [email protected]


Stream Analytics Bookings Table

With this all new Bookings Table you can create detailed reports about your vehicle bookings in Stream Analytics, such as services, MOTs and inspections.

General Updates & Fixes

  • Added a new customer-specific sort option to the Picklist Summary Report
  • Added an option to not add an assembly service when uploading an assembly item in Order Upload
  • Resolve occasional issue with weights in product upload
  • Improved the performance of retrieving events and event codes
  • Further Security Improvements
  • Added the ability to add Driver Breaks to a planned run
  • Updates to the Turn API relating to linked with managing Turn access in Users & Drivers
  • Resolved occasional issue with an option on the Schedule pop up window
  • Removed an obsolete process from Order Search
  • Resolved an occasional issue with latitude and longitude after pasting a run start/end postcode
  • Resolved an issue with the Order Completion date when cancelling the last item
  • Resolved an occasional issue with the Stream Tracking Widget
  • Resolved occasional issue with the Driver Debrief report
In this release:

Feature of the Month

SMS Delivery Notifications

SMS open rates are around 99%, compared to 30% for emails. Add SMS to your Stream subscription to keep customers up-to-date on their orders and increase the number of successful deliveries.

Need help using Stream?

Visit the Stream Knowledge base, search for answers to your questions, and view our how-to guides for additional help and support using Stream.

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