We’ve now made it easier to for you to add, manage and maintain your business partners in Stream, including allowing business partners there own login.

Access to business partner management is restricted to those users in your own organisation with the appropriate admin role access. This can be controlled in user and driver management.

It is worth noting that Business Partners are those companies that you have an ongoing relationship with and may potentially want to allow access to more functionality in Stream (order search and reporting for example) than they would ordinarily have access to via the tracking link which is available for each order.

A guide to managing your business partners

You can access the business partner management via the menu.

Once selected, the panel on the far left hand-side provides a list of business partners you’ve registered in your account.

When you highlight a partner, the middle panel shows the individual users assigned to that particular partner.

Adding and editing business partner accounts

Click the ‘Add’ button to open the business partner account details popup window.

Here you can add the information you have about the business partner including:

  • Partner name
  • Account number (required for Sage customers)
  • VAT rate
  • Contact information
  • Location instructions.

Double-clicking a business partner (or press the edit button while the partner is selected) to open the same popup in the future to edit and amend any details stored.

Adding users for each business partner

For each business partner in Stream, you can add users who can log into Stream.

These users will be able to access order search and view orders that are associated with that partner – and view and add notes.

To add a user, highlight the partner and tick the ‘allow users’ check box to set up individual profiles.

This will take you to the ‘Users and Drivers’ module with the partner company defaulted. You can then enter a name and email address to create a user profile.

To learn more and enable business partner management, contact Stream support.