Adding notes & instructions at line item level

The latest release of Stream Go brings the capability to add notes & instructions to individual line items.

The functionality allows planners who import and create orders to add additional details against individual items on each order. These details may be important for the planning or delivery process. This means that the drivers picking and delivering the items always have all the information they need. The Notes can be accessed from the new button between the Item Description and Quantity.

Adding notes & instructions at line item level

How adding notes & instructions at line item level works

First, planners add notes or instructions to individual items in the order details screen.

Then, drivers and warehouse operatives are able to view those notes and instructions in the app, taking action on them when required.

Why add notes & instructions to each item?

For planners and other operational staff, the ability to add notes and instructions at line item level means that they can sure drivers and pickers have all the information they need about each item, without having to leave the order details screen.

For pickers in the warehouse, notes on the item location area make it easier to find each item. Items are found & picked faster and more efficiently.

For drivers, knowing the exact number of packages, or other specific notes about each item reduces the likelihood of making mistakes when delivering.  Again, this improves efficiency and can help speed up the end-to-end delivery process.