Understand your business better with Stream Analytics. Delivered in the way you want so you can improve your operation

Take control of your data. And get deeper insights into your operation

Without dedicated reporting and performance monitoring, it can be hard to get really good data, which you can interrogate and analyse.

Stream Analytics gives you secure and easy access to your data so you can build the reporting you want in your reporting tool of choice.

Available as an additional module Stream Analytics gives you the ability to manage your operation more effectively day-to-day as well as take a step back and get an overview of your business so you can see where things are going well – and crucially where longer-term improvements can be made.

You can also take advantage of our standard comprehensive KPI reporting which enables you to extract and download data in Excel format to perform analysis.

Build the reporting you want with your tool of choice.

Get secure access to data directly from your Stream account enabling you to build exactly the reporting you want for your business.

Provide KPI information to senior management.

Report on contractual performance to your customers.

Create dashboards that give you at-a-glance visualisations.

Get deeper insights into your operations to drive improvement. Use Stream Analytics to develop the reporting based on whatever information is important to you and your business.

Stream’s Analytics database provides refined, simplified and enriched data which you can connect to your reporting tool of choice.

Google Data Studio, Power BI, Qlik, Tableau or Crystal Reports.

Whatever platform you use, you can report, analyse and interrogate information from both Stream Go and Stream Check so you can answer important operation questions such as.

  • What percentage of my deliveries were on time and in full (OTIF)?
  • What was my delivery success rate?
  • What was the actual performance compared to planned for any given time period?
  • How many of my runs ran on time versus those that ran ahead of schedule?
  • What’s causing issues in my logistics operation and what can I do to resolve them?
  • What percentage of vehicles were fully utilised?
  • How many vehicle checks passed versus failed?
  • What’s the most common minor vehicle defect?
  • Which vehicles are major defects recorded most often?
  • How quickly are defects rectified?

Secure access to your data. In the way you want.

By taking an open approach, Stream Analytics delivers a unique database for each subscriber – with your own access keys and accessible directly from a specific, allowed IP addresses only.

Stream Analytics provides read-only access in MySQL format and is managed by Stream.

Connect to your preferred BI reporting tool and build your own reports.

Or we can create and deliver pre-configured reporting, dashboards and visualisations for your business using Google Data Studio.