Stream Analytics: informing your business & operational decisions with powerful data and insights from your orders, deliveries, collections, vehicles and drivers. 


What is Stream Analytics?

Helping you take control of your data. And get deeper insights & understanding of your operational performance.

Stream Analytics gives you secure and easy access to your data held in Stream so you can build the reporting, KPIs and dashboards you want in the BI (business intelligence) reporting tool of your choice.

Available as an additional module Stream Analytics gives you the ability to manage your operation more effectively day-to-day as well as take a step back and get an overview of your business so you can see where things are going well – and crucially where longer-term improvements can be made.

You can also take advantage of our standard comprehensive KPI reporting which enables you to extract and download data in Excel format to perform analysis.

It allows you to gain insights on your business operation and performance using all the data processed in Stream, such as: 

  • Orders
  • Runs 
  • Deliveries 
  • Collections
  • Walkaround checks
  • Reported defects
  • Vehicles
  • Drivers


What are the benefits of Stream Analytics?

While Stream is busy managing your orders, deliveries, vehicles and drivers, it’s also collecting a vast amount of data on everything within your logistics operation.

Stream Analytics makes it possible for you to visualise this data, helping you to notice trends and patterns that you might not have been aware of before. 

Here’s just a few examples of the questions that Stream Analytics can highlight and help you answer:

  • What percentage of my deliveries were on time and in full (OTIF)?
  • How many of my runs ran on time versus those that ran ahead of schedule?
  • How many walkaround checks have been completed in any given day/week/month/year?
  • What is the number of orders our team has processed in any given period of time
  • Which vehicles are major defects recorded on most often?
  • What was my delivery success rate?
  • And just about anything else you can think of in between.

Whatever information you need from Stream to help your business make informed decisions, you can access it, visualise it and report on it with Stream Analytics. 

Dubbed as the man who invented management, Peter Drucker once said, ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’. 

This is exactly why Stream Analytics was developed. 

To give you the power to highlight the efficiencies and understand where improvements can be made in your logistics processes and operation. 

Can I choose what data I see in Stream Analytics?

Yes you can choose what data you see in Stream Analytics. 

It’s possible to build custom reports that show you anything and everything that you need to know. 

You can also set custom date ranges so that you can see data from a set period of time, whether that be yesterday, last week, the past 3 months or the whole year. 

You can either create your reports and dashboards yourself, or a member of our team can help you build the interfaces that you need to see to help you make informed decisions about your business operations.


“Stream Analytics is fantastic and is exactly what we require. The information Stream collects is incredibly detailed and I’ve used it to produce various KPI and business management reports. The analytics module saves me a great deal of time by showing live data presented in the format we need.”
Business Development Manager, Land Energy

Can I access Stream Data in my existing Business Intelligence Software?

If you want access to all of the great data and insights that Stream Analytics provides, but your business already has its own BI software in place, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

By taking an open approach, Stream Analytics delivers a unique database for each subscriber, with your own access keys, and its accessible directly from a specific, allowed-IP address only.

Stream Analytics provides read-only access in MySQL format and is managed by Stream.

Connect to your preferred BI reporting tool and build your own reports.

Or we can create and deliver pre-configured reporting, dashboards and visualisations for your business using Google Data Studio.

Want to learn more about connecting Stream with your existing intelligence/analytics software? 

Speak to a member of our team today to learn more about logistics analytics reporting with Stream.


Ready to try Stream Analytics?

If you’re ready to get started with Stream Analytics, or to plug the Stream data into your existing business intelligence software, then book a discovery call with our team today.