Walkaround Checks and Defect Reporting App on Android and iOS

Complete daily walkaround vehicle checks, report defects and resolve issues

Your HGV, LGV and PSV drivers should be completing daily walkaround checks, but with mountains of paper records, and drivers out on the road, how can you be sure that all checks are undertaken properly?


In line with DVSA guidelines, Stream Check’s paperless walkaround check App makes it quick and easy for drivers to complete multiple checks against vehicles using any mobile device, including:

    • Daily walkaround checks
    • Pre-use & first use checks
  • Handover checks
  • End-of-use checks
  • and more.

You can even create and configure your own checks.

Check out just how easy it is to complete Walkaround Checks in the Stream Mobile App:


Ditch the spreadsheets and paper-based walkaround checks

The Stream Mobile App closes the loop between walkaround checks, defect reporting and defect resolution

Once your driver has completed their check, the information captured about each vehicle in your fleet can be managed through the Stream Web App. From here you can:

  • Customise and add any checks that are specific to your business and/or vehicles
  • View and audit historical vehicle checks
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance information
  • Report defects and manage maintenance issues through to resolution.

Our driver daily walkaround checks app helps you to efficiently manage your entire fleet and protects drivers, with a clear chain-of-command.

Checks are also stored on the device for 30 days so that drivers and operatives can demonstrate completion wherever they are.


Accident Reporting

Record accident details in the Stream Mobile App

Sadly, accidents can happen.

Your drivers can record information about any accidents using the Stream Mobile App.

You can specify the information you want captured, including written descriptions, documentation and photos.


Accident reporting can be used to capture information such as:

  • Insurance Policy numbers of involved parties
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of involved parties
  • Registration numbers of involved vehicles
  • Company details if a commercial vehicle is involved
  • Details of any injuries sustained
  • Photographic evidence of any damage caused during the accident, this could include damage caused to a third party vehicle, the driver’s own vehicle and the surrounding environment. 


Non-Defect / Pass-Only Checks

Capture walkaround checks that are pass-only

Non-Defect checks are a great way to capture important information during the walkaround check process, that doesn’t result in the vehicle being defective. 

You have the ability to create custom checks for your drivers to complete, for example, your drivers might visit locations that require them to wear specific PPE, so you may want them to check that they have that PPE in their vehicle.


As the driver is completing their pre-use walkaround check, this then serves as a reminder for them that they need to check they have the right PPE before they set off.

You could even require the driver to capture a photo of the PPE within the vehicle to confirm that they have the right equipment with them.


Designed for fleets of any size

Part of your fleet maintenance system

  • Capture multiple walkaround checks against vehicles
  • Add notes and photos to every check, even if there isn’t a defect, giving drivers a way to prove that the check was completed and that the vehicle is roadworthy
  • Set pass-only checks that allow you to capture information like the fuel level as part of the daily walkaround process
  • Report accidents and record photos of the scene and damage, as well as information like insurance and contact details
  • Defect reporting, notifications & management
  • Defect & issue tracking management & audit trail
  • Create preventative maintenance schedules
  • Vehicle service & maintenance management
  • Vehicle inspection history
  • Driver & vehicle management
  • See at-a-glance which vehicles have not had checks performed that day, with icons and notifications.

Multi-lingual support

Complete vehicle checks in English, French or German.

You can manage drivers, vehicles, and defects and drivers can capture walkaround checks (and report defects) in multiple languages.

Select from English, French or German to make vehicle maintenance easy across Europe, and beyond.