Manage Driver Details Online

Simplify driver management with Stream’s driver management functionality at your fingertips.

Part of Stream Check, driver management allows you to manage the information, details and actions related to every driver in a single screen.

This helps you to efficiently and effectively manage your drivers – without drowning in paperwork.

Why use Stream Check’s driver management?

Managing drivers with Stream Check helps you to securely store and manage essential information with minimal effort.

Easily and quickly find the information you need about your drivers, when you need it, so you can manage your team more effectively and efficiently.

Upload drivers’ licence documentation and receive email warnings if a licence is due to expire. From the driver management central screen, you can add drivers to the system, or suspend them from accessing the App altogether.

Stream Check makes it easy to access and find driver’s licence information and details, driver skill-sets, check history and other details.

What information is managed in the driver management module?

From the driver management module, you are able to upload, manage and view driver information, including:

  • Lists of all drivers, or specific drivers: for example, you may want to see drivers with HGV licences, or only drivers who are normally working on weekends
  • Driver availability: add drivers’ normal working hours, block out unavailable time for appointments, training or annual leave, and integrate with Stream Go logistics software to include availability based on allocated runs
  • Licence information: include copies of drivers licences, licence classes and expiry dates. You can also opt to receive email notifications when drivers licences are due for renewal.

How does the driver management module work with Stream Check & Stream Go?

For operators using both Stream Check and Stream Go, it allows you to streamline communication with drivers, push delivery and collection runs and force drivers to complete their vehicle safety checks before setting out for the day via the Mobile Driver App.

Driver information, such as licence class and availability is automatically made available to both products:

  • In Stream Go, the application ensures that the right drivers are allocated to the right vehicles and jobs based on their availability and licence class, so that transport planners can make the most efficient use of resources.
  • In Stream Check and Stream Go, driver availability not only includes regular working schedules, and planned time off, but also time already allocated to a specific run.