Continual Investment in Stream Logistics & Fleet Maintenance Software

By talking to our customers, and listening to their needs and seeing how they use stream, we’re able to constantly evolve the software, adding new features and updating original functionality so that it can grow with you.

Updates and new features are being added all the time, and this is the place to find out about the ways stream is transforming and growing to meet the needs of the transport and logistics sector.

As we grow and discover more use-cases for stream we’re adding new functionality, and making the existing software and apps more intuitive. Want to hear more about a new feature, or ask about something we’ve not implemented yet?

Map tooltips

Map tooltips are a feature of the map-based route planning screen. Hover over any delivery and you can find more information about that order. You can see the service level assigned: if the order requires next-day delivery or needs a qualified electrician to install, then you can ensure that these service levels are fulfilled. You can also see a preview of the first item on the order, which is especially helpful for companies delivering a wide range of items so that planners have some idea as to what type of delivery it is. The tooltips also display customer contact notes, so you can see at a glance any additional information about the customer or the order, whether that has been entered by your staff after a call, or directly by the customer. Map tooltips equip planner with all the information they need to properly allocate and optimise deliveries, orders and runs.

Service levels

From the order details screen you are now able to set service levels for each order. These service levels can be viewed against the order in the load-planning screen too. You are able to set multiple service levels, specific to the requirements of your business and your customers. These could be based on factors such as the speed of delivery, for example, if you have an option to select next-day delivery at checkout or an obligation to deliver goods ordered via certain channels (eBay, Amazon) within a specific time frame. Service levels may also be based on requirements for installation: heavy goods may require 2-man lift (e.g. sofas), electricals or appliances may require specialist installation (e.g. washing machines need plumbing), and some orders may require assembly or fitting (e.g. bathrooms and kitchens).

Updated consumer tracking

The Stream Go customer tracking screen has been given an update. The tracking screen is now completely optimised and responsive for use on mobile devices. Customers can access the tracking screen via the browser on their smartphone or desktop to see their expected delivery time and order status and view their delivery on a map. You can give customers the option to either accept their delivery time or request a reschedule, and to send messages directly to your team from the tracking screen. Customers are also able to download and print order summaries and electronic Proof of Delivery, should they need them for internal records. You can now brand the tracking screen seen by your customers with your own logo, phone number, and email address, giving customers even more ways to get in touch.

Vehicle management screen

The vehicle management screen is is the back-office system relating to the driver daily walkaround app. Here, you are able to view the details of each vehicle, including historical checks undertaken and any issues reported. When an issue is reported to can receive a notification, and use this back-office system to record the action taken to rectify the issue. This screen allows you to add more checks for different types of vehicle, or additional checks specific to your sector, and to add and check on other vehicle details, like mot dates. Information from the vehicle management screen can then be exported as an excel file, if required.

Reverse routes

It is now easy to reverse an entire route directly in the planning screen, in one click. Once a route has been planned, it can be frustrating to realise that a delivery scheduled near the end of a run actually needed to be delivered quickly. With reverse routes, the whole optimised route can be flipped, so deliveries that we previously at the end of the run will be at the beginning, and vice versa. Another time that reverse routes could come in handy is when you optimise a route, and suddenly realise that your driver is scheduled to drive in or out of a city centre or other high-traffic area at rush hour. Simply reverse the route, and they can hit busy streets at quieter times.

Stream available on TC56 and TC55

Both the Stream Go logistics and transport management mobile driver app and, the driver daily walkaround app are now available on Zebra devices. Zebra’s ruggedised TC-series devices, the TC56 and TC55 have the sleek look and advanced functionality of a regular consumer smartphone, but are also spill-proof and drop-proof, with a high tumble spec, water- and dust- proof casing and toughened gorilla glass screen. The devices come with optional three- and five- year warranties, so if your drivers do manage to damage or break them, the phone will be replaced, no questions asked. Zebra’s TC-series devices run on android operating systems, with additional business-class features, like an inbuilt barcode scanner and remote management of app use.

Driver daily walkaround check app

We know how important is it to make sure drivers are completing a daily walkaround check of their vehicle, to ensure safety and compliance. But getting them to complete the checks (and keep a reliable record) can be a challenge. Stream have developed a simple app, available on the Google play store, that prompts drivers to complete their checks (including the standard checks recommended by VOSA, as well as any sector- or vehicle- specific checks you want to add). The app times the exact moment each check is completed and can alert you where there is an issue, or if the checks were completed suspiciously fast.

Orders not yet ready for delivery

The latest release of stream offers a powerful feature: viewing orders not yet ready for delivery. You can now have visibility of items that have not been allocated, are out of stock or maybe haven’t been manufactured yet. This features makes planning easier: you are able to make informed decisions about whether to fulfil part-orders, or example where just one item on a large or urgent order is out of stock, or to delay a particular run going to a distant or unusual location, is an item will be back in stock soon. This feature also helps yout to plan production schedules in advance.

Veeqo integration

In our latest integration, stream can now be used alongside Veeqo. Veeqo’s software solution helps ecommerce retailers to synchronise orders and inventory across multiple channels, from website sales to bricks-and-mortar stores, to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. By using Veeqo and stream together, multichannel retailers have an end-to-end solution that allows onmichannel retailers to manage inventory, take and distrubute orders, and then easily manage the delivery of those orders in their own fleet of vehicles.

View vehicle locations in the map-based planning screen

You can now view your entire fleet of vehicles at once on the route planning screen of Stream Go. This makes it possible for transport and logistics planners to make real-time adjustments on the day of delivery and gives you a more user-friendly, visual way to plan routes and loads. You can now see where all your delivery vehicles are located, directly on the map within the Stream Go route optimisation and planning function, giving you a visual representation of your delivery activity in real-time at a glance.

Multi-drop & multi-stop delivery routes

With Stream Go, transport managers are now able to plan multi-drop and multi-stop routes. This means that multiple pick-up and drop-off points can be taken into consideration when planning routes, and additional stops can be added, even whilst drivers are out on the road. We expect this feature to be particularly useful in sectors where trips are likely to take place over multiple days, and routes are planned on a next-day basis, like for car transporters. Stream’s map-based route optimisation now encompasses multiple stops and can be updated and communicated via the driver app in real-time.

ETA’s update in real-time

Whilst end customers have always received an accurate ETA (estimated time of arrival) prior to the driver departing, they can now use the customer tracking screen to view the progress of their delivery in real-time. Thanks to in-flight driver tracking (via GPS in the driver’s smartphone, connected to the Stream Go mobile driver app), end customers and back-office staff can be constantly updated with an up-to-the minute eta, which gets more precise as the driver approaches the delivery location. Having ETAs updated in real-time keeps your customers happy, as they no longer have to wait at home during a large delivery window and, as a result, saves time spent answering calls about delivery times too.

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