In a nutshell, Shipmondo enables users to ‘ship worldwide across carriers from one platform’ – making the process of managing orders, freight and shipments fast and efficient.

Founded in 2014, the company now boasts in excess of 30,000 corporate customers across the Nordic region (it is the largest freight booking platform in Denmark) as well as Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Austria.


Automate your freight management with Shipmondo

Make your everyday life easier and manage all your orders and freight in one system. Save time and make your shipment and logistics workflow more efficient.

With Shipmondo, you can gather all your shipping agreements, or you can book freight through Shipmondos attractive agreements with providers including PostNord, Bring, DHL, DSV and GLS.

In addition, you can book freight, print labels, print customs documents (if needed), capture payments and complete your orders with a few clicks.

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What is Shipmondo?

Shipmondo is a free, online, user-friendly platform which you can integrate with your system to automate your order- and freight management. Shipmondo provides several services that will make your workflow quick, easy and efficient. That includes order management, bulk print, automation, personalised messages and return portal etc.

There is no subscription or commitment – you only pay for your consumption. All integrations, functions and support are free when you have a Shipmondo account.

Shipping agreements

With a Shipmondo account, you get access to a lot of different carriers and shipping products. If you don’t have your own shipping agreements, you can use Shipmondo’s attractive agreements with various carriers and products. If you have your own shipping agreement already, you can connect it with your Shipmondo account

Who uses Shipmondo?

If you ship goods using a variety of carriers and shipping methods, Shipmondo could save you time and money. By bringing all your shipping agreements and carriers into a single system, Shipmondo streamlines the shipping and freight process – and now you can include the shipments you deliver yourself, too.

Why integrate ShipMondo with Stream?

Shipmondo streamlines the shipping process for businesses with huge amounts of orders.

Many organisations though are now managing at least part of their distribution in-house. For companies distributing goods in their own fleet of vehicles, Shipmondo can now push order information into Stream, where you can manage runs and routes for your own vehicles:

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