Stream integrates with your business technology ecosystem to support your logistics operation and help your business grow.

Integrate Stream with your existing systems including accounting, warehouse, inventory, ecommerce, shipping & omnichannel retail management software.

Our integrations ecosystem is growing

We're continually expanding the number of business systems that Stream integrates with.

Learn more about each integration below.

Don’t see the system you’re looking for? You can create your own integration using our our API guide or you can talk to our team about developing a new integration for your software system.

You can also import your orders into Stream using either a CSV or XML file.

Multi-Channel Retail Operating System

For fast-growing ecommerce brands - Connect with Brightpearl to create orders in Stream for route planning, send Proof of Delivery to your customers and get status information about orders back to Brightpearl automatically.

ERP Software for SMEs

Single system for managing your business - from accounts & financials to purchasing, inventory, sales & CRM. Connect with Stream to provide control & visibility over your logistics operation.

Inventory & Order Management Software

Cloud-based order management for retailers & 3PLs delivering ecommerce fulfilment. Connect Mintsoft with Stream to join the loop between your retail; inventory & warehouse; and logistics operation.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management for manufacturers, wholesalers & distributors. Connecting Stream with Unleashed gives you control over your suppliers, production, customers, inventory plus your delivery & logistics operation.

Warehouse Management Software

Connect Access WMS (the new name for Access Delta) with Stream to bring your warehousing & logistics operation together. Deliver accuracy, efficiency & traceability throughout your warehouse & supply chain.

Inventory & Fulfilment Software

Specialist inventory & shipping / fulfilment software for ecommerce sellers. Manage all your multi-channel sales channels in Veeqo then create orders in Stream for delivery in your own fleet.

Business Process Automation

Use Codeless Platforms to connect Stream to your favourite business apps using drag & drop integration builder. Automate workflows and benefit from order creation & updates in Stream.

Business Process Automation

Use Zapier to connect Stream to your favourite business apps (such as Shopify, QuickBooks & Woocommerce), automate workflows and move orders into Stream ready to be planned and delivered.

Ecommerce Platform

Connect your Shopify store to Stream using Zapier to automatically push all of your Shopify orders into Stream, assign them to delivery runs and create optimised delivery routes for your drivers.

Finance & Management Software

Designed for Larger SMEs and Mid-Sized Enterprises, connect Sage 200 to Stream create orders from Sage in Stream ready for route planning.

Accounting Software

Connect Sage 50 (Small Businesses and Startups) to create orders in Stream ready for planning.

Accounting Software

Connect Sage Business Cloud (Sole Traders and Small Business Owners) to add new orders from Sage into Stream ready for planning.

Accounting Software

Connect Stream with cloud-based accounting software, Xero to get paid faster. Create orders in Stream directly from Xero for delivery. Raise invoices after delivery from information in Stream.

Bakery Management Software

Connect Cybake to Stream to transfer all of your bakery orders and push them into Stream ready for planning delivery routes & collecting Proof of Delivery using our mobile App.

E-Commerce & Order Management

Connecting Cloud Commerce Pro to Stream enables multi-channel retailers to not only manage their online retail, inventory & warehouse operation they can also manage their own fleet logistics efficiently.

E-Commerce, WMS & ERP

Connect OrderWise to Stream to allow all of your orders to be pushed right into Stream, as soon as they’re ready for delivery in OrderWise, so that they can be planned onto your delivery runs.

GPS Fleet Tracking & Telematics

Access advanced GPS vehicle tracking & fleet telematics data from Teletrac Navman. Compare planned routes with those actually driven. See telematics data against runs in Stream.

Ecommerce Shipping & Order Management

Streamline your ecommerce shipping process. Connect Shipmondo to Stream to create orders via csv upload ready for delivery route planning in your own fleet of vehicles.

Truck & HGV Specific Navigation

Connect CoPilot to Stream to enable your drivers to use CoPilot as their default navigation app when performing delivery & collection runs in the Stream Mobile App.

ERP Software

Enhance your existing Infor LX and BPCS systems with web-based sales order management. Make it easy for customers to do business with you.

Delivery Management

Send Stream data to Parcelforce to help you quickly scale up and meet growing demand by completing selected deliveries with Parcelforce.

Customer Review Platform

Connect Trustpilot to Stream to automate the process of sending a review request at the end of your delivery or collection process - rather than at the point of purchase.


Create your own integration with Stream

If you want to create an integration with Stream you can use our API. Our open API is a RESTful web service developed to allow Stream users to access data and functionality from within their own applications.

Download our API documentation