Intuitive Walkaround Checks Software

Complete Daily Walkaround Vehicle Checks, Report Defects & Resolve Issues

Your HGV, LGV and PSV drivers should be completing daily walkaround checks, but with mountains of paper records, and drivers out on the road, how can you be sure that all checks are undertaken properly?

In line with DVSA guidelines, STREAM’s paperless walkaround check App makes it quick and easy for drivers to complete multiple checks against vehicles, i.e. daily walkaround checks; pre-use & first use checks; handover checks; and end-of-use checks using any mobile device.

A vital part of STREAM’s fleet maintenance management software, the App closes the loop between walkaround checks, defect reporting and resolution of issues.

Information about each vehicle in your fleet can be managed through the vehicle maintenance back office system. From here you can customise and add any checks that are specific to your business, view and audit historical vehicle checks, monitor vehicle maintenance information, report defects and manage maintenance issues through to resolution. Our driver daily walkaround checks App helps you to efficiently manage your entire fleet and protects drivers, with a clear chain-of-command.

Product Features