Chosing a phone for logistics staff, like drivers and warehouse operatives, can be a daunting task.

Which device has all the features needed to reduce downtime, make your logistics process more efficient and productive, and improve customer service?

Zebra‘s TC56 is perfectly suited to the transport and logistics industry.

When you’re delivering goods in your own vehicles, whether that is to other businesses or direct to consumer, ruggedised devices, combined with powerful logistics, ePOD and vehicle maintenance software like STREAM, are key to minimising downtime and improving efficiency in your logistics and delivery process.

Using Zebra’s TC56 as your chosen device or phone for logistics operations can minimise downtime in a number of ways:

  • Ruggedisation means that devices are less likely to break
  • A no quibble guarantee so that devices will be fixed or replaced, if they do break
  • Battery features, like extended life, swappable units and in-cab chargers, means that drivers should never be stopped by a flat battery
  • Android OS (Operating System) cuts the downtime spent on training, as drivers are probably already familiar with the software
  • Zebra’s Enterprise Features, like enhanced security and remote device management, negate the risk of downtime due to security breaches

Add to that features of STREAM’s driver app, like in-flight driver tracking and driver daily walkaround checks, and you are able to offer a truly connected, always-ready delivery promise, to meet the expectations of today’s consumer, keeping them informed and in-the-loop at all times.

Zebra have released a video, outlining more ways that the TC56 (and TC51) can help to boost efficiency and customer service in the transport and logistics sector:

Why the tc56 is the best phone for logistics

We’ve broken down some of the points from Zebra’s video, to show you exactly what they mean for your logistics operation, and how the TC56 works with STREAM to further enhance your processes:

Enhanced customer engagement

STREAM’s in-flight driver tracking uses the GPS in your drivers’ device to track the location of deliveries, and send customers updated ETAs as the driver nears their location. Proactive notifications can also be sent to customers, via email or SMS, triggered on delivery events such as the driver setting off in the morning, or completing the previous delivery


STREAM’s driver app collects electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), proof of collection, and proof of presence. Data gathered includes time, date and GPS-location stamped photos, signatures, scanned barcodes and other notes. TC56 features, like inbuilt scanners, easy-to-use touchscreen, and simple camera make it easier than ever for drivers to collect ePOD information, and superior connectivity allow ePOD information to be quickly uploaded to the cloud and available in real-time

Route optimisation

STREAM’s logistics management system uses map-based route optimisation to intelligently plan the most efficient routes. Routing information is then available to the driver in their mobile app.

Stream driver apps available in zebra’s app gallery

Both STREAM’s Driver App for logistics and delivery management, and Driver Daly Walkaround Checks App are available in the Zebra App Gallery, as well as the Google Play Store, making them easy to install and use on the TC56

14 hour, swappable battery

The TC56’s 14-hour battery life, with the option to swap out batteries to extend the life even further, means that your drivers are always able to rely on their phones when out on the road.

Vehicle cradles, holsters & other accessories

In-cab charging accessories can further extend the battery life (and 24/7 usability) of the TC56. Vehicle cradles and wearable accessories allow your drivers to keep their device exactly where they need it – whether that’s safely out of harm’s way in-cab, or on on a holster that allows them to use both hands to carry goods, and still have their phone handy for ePOD functions.

4g lte workforce connect ptt

The TC56 offers superior connectivity, making it easy for drivers to contact your back office staff, or click to communicate directly with customers from within the STREAM driver app.

Advanced scanning performance

Inbuilt scanners are indispensable in logistics roles that involve extensive barcode scanning. Drivers can rely on barcoded labels to ensure that the correct package is delivered to the correct location, every time.

Use with stylus or finger

The touchscreen on the TC56 can be used with either a finger or a stylus, making it easy for drivers to quickly capture the information they need, in the way that suits them best. Customers can sign for proof of delivery using whichever method they are comfortable with, and drivers can still use the touchscreen in cold weather and when wearing gloves.

Ip67 up to 1.5m drop

Ruggedisation features, from a 1.5m drop spec to a dust- and water- proof casing, and a super-toughened gorilla glass screen, make the TC56 always-ready for anything and everything that the delivery and logistics environment can throw at it (or throw it at…).

Impressive technical specification

The TC56 comes with HEXA Core Processor, 4GB RAM, Android Marshmallow and Zebra’s Mobility DNA, putting the device at the cutting-edge of technology in the field.

If you’re trying to find the right phone or device for your logistics operation or delivery drivers, Zebra’s TC56 is a great option that can improve efficiency and productivity, as well as increasing customer satisfaction. Use with STREAM to manage logistics, collect ePODs and maintain safety compliance.