In previous years, we’ve looked at how the delivery experience can impact the overall customer experience, and how going above-and-beyond on the delivery promise can act as a differentiator for retailers in today’s competitive marketplace.

The latest State of eCommerce Delivery report from Metapack only confirms the continuation of the trend towards customer-centric delivery:

“61% of consumers say a positive delivery experience incentivises them to shop with an e-tailer again”

Unwrapping the delivery expectations of consumers across the globe, the report highlights a growing trend towards individualisation, and the expectation of consumers to be able to ‘curate’ their delivery experience – to pick and choose the time, date and location of each delivery, to suit their own needs.

Alternative ways for brands to innovate & differentiate on eCommerce Delivery in 2019

With consumer delivery expectations set by giants like Amazon, it’s easy for smaller retailers to think they can’t compete.

However, speed alone is no longer the key to a memorable delivery experience. The report highlights four ways for retailers to earn customer recommendations and loyalty by offering standout delivery.

    1. Fast & flexible

      While speed isn’t everything, it is undeniably an important factor for a large swathe of consumers: 54% marked fast delivery as a top priority. Speed should not, however, come at the expense of flexibility. Same-day or next-day delivery is no use if delivery can only be made to the customers’ home while they’re out at work, for example. Consumers want their goods delivered quickly and on their own terms: wherever, whenever and however suits them best, with updates throughout the delivery process.


    1. International

      Consumers expect to be able to shop internationally and to be able to receive those goods in a timely manner, but more than that they expect full transparency. International shoppers are getting wise to of shipping costs, and the more consumers than ever (73%, up from 67% last year)  report checking and making purchasing decisions based on international shipping costs and services.


    1. Loyalty Programmes

      It seems that loyalty programmes really do work – at least in the case of delivery. Programmes offering premium delivery options (like next-day, weekend or evening delivery) lead to increased customer loyalty. 49% of shoppers report choosing one store over another if it offers a loyalty programme that features free next-day delivery.


    1. Go Green

      With single-use plastics and sustainability at the forefront of the global conversation this year, consumers are more mindful than ever of the potential environmental costs of having goods delivered. 79% of consumers report being conscious of the environment when considering their delivery options, so offering consolidated delivery services and recyclable packaging is one way to win over customers.


These days, consumers want (and expect) to be able to customise their delivery options when shopping online. Retailers can differentiate themselves by offering a range of ways for customers to personalise their delivery – be that based on flexibility, transparency or sustainability.

If you want to read more about delivery experiences and how they can build (or damage) a brand, why not view our previous blog: ‘Achieve fast & frictionless delivery in the direct-to-consumer model’ which features research from omni-channel retail ERP software provider Brightpearl and conversion rate optimisation specialists, Endless Gain.

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