Stream Check, our fleet management and vehicle maintenance software, has been featured in a comprehensive review by FinancesOnline, and recognised with awards in the Great User Experience and Rising Star categories, and in the top 50 for fleet management software.

Stream Check was designed for ease-of-use, so to be recognised with a user experience award is a real achievement. The browser-based back-office system and a driver app are available on any iOS or Android device, giving you more flexibility to access the system anywhere, on any device with a browser and speeding up onboarding as minimal training is required.

You can read the full Stream Check review from FinancesOnline here, but highlights include:

“With Stream Check, businesses have a platform that helps them ensure that all their vehicles, equipment, and other assets are fully compliant with existing standards on road operation and roadworthiness.

The software helps organizations prolong the service lives of their vehicles, equipment, and other assets, ensure that their vehicles are fully operational to perform and deliver productive output whenever they are sent to the field and secure the safety of the vehicle operators and the general public. Stream Check comes loaded with a rich set of features including walkaround checks mobile app, defect reporting and monitoring, driver management, automatic inspection and booking schedules among others.”

FinancesOnline’s professional reviews cover products and software in all kinds of categories. Stream Check has been recommended in the Top 50 for fleet management software. During the evaluation, the features of Stream Check were compared against various competitors, with  some particular benefits that made Stream Check stand out from the crowd, like:

  • Perfect For Fleets of All Sizes
  • Fast and Easy Defect Reporting, Tracking, and Resolution
  • Easy Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Vehicle Maintenance History Awareness

If you currently use Stream Check, you can help other people find it by rating us and submitting your own review on FinancesOnline here.