A Year in the Life of Stream

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Stream Unwrapped 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, all of us inevitably reflect on the year that was.

Covid-19 continued to have a profound impact on the logistics industry in so many ways.

Home deliveries continued to grow across many sectors, with likes of Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats (and many others) reporting huge demand for their services.

Lockdown and post-lockdown consumers continued to shop for their groceries and other household items online – coupled with delivery direct to their home.

As we moved towards the lighter (and warmer) days of spring there was a surge in people seeking products for their gardens, including luxury garden furniture. We covered this in a blog post examining delivery tracking and where is my garden furniture back in March when Boris Johnson announced the easing of lockdowns to allow groups of six, or two households, can meet up.

Global supply chain shortages in raw materials, shipping containers and the small matter of the Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal (also in March) ‘held up nearly $60 billion of trade’.

Our industry has also had to deal with the implications of Brexit, which came into effect at 23.00GMT on 31 December 2020.

Further rule changes come into effect on 1st January 2022.

A Year in the Life of Stream

Over the past twelve months we’ve onboarded a host of new subscribers across multiple sectors – and geographical regions.

We’ve added new features and functionality month-on-month, including:

Oh, and we also added more ways to connect your back office and business systems to Stream with the launch of integrations with Unleashed, Codeless Platforms, Cloud Commerce Pro, Access WMS, Zapier and Xero.

We also made improvements to our publicly available logistics API.

We’re working with a number of partners and customers at the moment to add further integrations to the Stream ecosystem. You can keep up-to-date with these as they’re added on our Integrations page.

Helping businesses deliver – and keeping them safe at the same time

Just picking up on one of those add-ons, Stream Analytics.

We’ve aggregated data from right across our subscriber base, to bring you Stream Unwrapped 2021.

Stream subscribers delivered 112% more orders in the past 12-months than in 2020. Interestingly, this is exactly the same level of growth we saw between 2019 and 2020.

Once again, around 85% of those orders were delivered on time and in full (OTIF).

The most popular day for deliveries was a Tuesday.

In contrast to the previous Unwrapped stats, the average run took six hours and seven minutes compared to five hours and 39 minutes in 2020.

On average, runs in 2021 covered a distance of 169 miles, compared to 149 miles in 2020.

What about road worthiness?

Drivers tend (unsurprisingly) to be early risers and want to get out on the road early in the morning.

The peak time for daily walk around checks was 6AM. Drivers took seven minutes on average to to complete their checks.

Fewer than 2% of daily walkaround checks resulted in finding the vehicle unroadworthy, which is an improvement on 2020 where almost 3% of vehicles were reported as unroadworthy.

In 2020, the most common defects were identified around the lights, bodywork and mirrors. The top two most common defects follow this same pattern in 2021, but mirrors are relegated to fifth. In order, the most common defects this year were:

  1. Lights
  2. Bodywork
  3. Tyres
  4. Brakes
  5. Mirrors.

More about Stream Analytics

Stream Analytics is an add-on for your Stream subscription.

The Analytics database gives you access to powerful data to help you drive informed business decisions.

With access to your own data, you can easily build your own dashboards, reports and KPIs using your BI tool of choice, or Google Data Studio.

As well as managing your orders, deliveries, vehicles and drivers, Stream is collecting a vast amount of data on everything within your logistics operation.

Stream Analytics is updated daily and makes it possible for you to visualise this data, helping you to notice trends and patterns that you might not have been aware of before. Get data on your:

  • Orders
  • Runs
  • Deliveries & Collections
  • Walkaround checks
  • Reported defects
  • Vehicles
  • Drivers

Contact [email protected] or schedule your Stream Analytics discovery call with our team to discover how you can get insights like this for your own fleet of vehicles with Stream Analytics.

You can see last year’s data in Stream Unwrapped 2020 here.


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