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Stream Unwrapped!

Logistics, vehicle & transport management in 2020

We’ve taken data from Stream Analytics to show you how the #StreamTeam & Stream subscribers have spent 2020, in numbers.

Stream Go: logistics execution in numbers

Stream users delivered 112% more orders this year compared to 2019. Over 85% of those deliveries were made on time and in full (OTIF), which is not bad considering the impact of the global pandemic on the whole supply chain.

The average run planned within Stream was 149 miles long, which took five hours, 39 minutes to complete.

Stream Check: vehicle walkaround checks and defect reporting in numbers

On average, drivers took eight minutes to complete their daily walkaround checks during 202. Less than 3% of those walkaround checks found major defects that resulted in vehicles being classed as unroadworthy.

In 2020, the top three most common vehicle defects were on:

  1. Lights
  2. Bodywork
  3. Mirrors

Using Stream Analytics again, we did delve into the numbers a little more a couple of months ago. In our reflections on Road Safety Week, you can find out what the most common walkaround checks were; the percentages of nil defects, minor and major defects reported; what the most common minor defects reported were; and what the most common major defects were.

More about Stream Analytics

Data for Stream’s Unwrapped 2020 has come from Stream Analytics, the tool that helps our subscribers to understand their business better.

Stream Analytics delivers data on the performance of your logistics operation and fleet, in the way you want, so you can improve your operation with deeper insights.

  • Provide KPI information to senior management.
  • Report on contractual performance to your customers.
  • Create dashboards that give you at-a-glance visualisations.

Develop reports based on the information that’s most important to you and your business, so you can drive improvement.

Stream Analytics lets you build the reporting you want with your tool of choice (whether that’s Google Data Studio, Power BI, Qlik, Tableau or Crystal Reports). It gives you secure and easy access to your data, so you can interrogate and analyse the information with dedicated reporting and performance monitoring.

Good data makes it easy to both manage the day-to-day operations of your logistics and fleet, and step back for a macro overview of the business. This lets you understand where things are going well – and importantly, where you and your team can make efficiency improvements.

Contact hello@go2stream or schedule your demo today, to discover how you can get insights like this for your own fleet of vehicles with Stream Analytics.


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