Properly managing your driver details is essential for any business that uses vehicles – whether that’s delivery drivers, machinery operators or employees driving grey fleet vehicles.

You need to be able to quickly find drivers’ licence & employment information in one place.

A stack of new starter documents in a filing cabinet, drivers licence information in an email chain, and being personally able to reel off the names of all your drivers just doesn’t quite cut it.

You need to be able to centrally record driver details. At a minimum, you should, for example, be able to produce for each driver:

  • Driver name
  • Driver licence details like:
    • Licence number
    • Licence type
    • Expiry date
  • The usual depot the driver works from (if you operate multiple depots)
  • The date they started working for your company (or started driving for your company)
  • The date they left, for historic records

Download your example driver details management template


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Paperless driver details management

Rather than using pen and paper, why not explore Stream Check, a mobile App & software system that simplifies driver details management?

Part of Stream Check, driver management allows you to manage the information, details and actions related to every driver in a single screen. Save time and minimise paperwork & administrative burden by keeping driver information in one place.

Unlike keeping a manual register of drivers & licence details, Stream Check’s vehicle management functionality allows you to:

  • Record & manage individual driver information, like licence details (including copies of drivers licences, licence classes and expiry dates), as well as other training & CPC records
  • Manage driver availability, with a record of normal working hours, as well as times drivers will be unavailable (eg. appointments, training or annual leave)
  • View all drivers or specific groups of drivers, for example, you may want to see drivers with HGV licences, or only drivers who are normally working on weekends
  • Receive email notifications when drivers licences or certifications are due for renewal
  • Configure licence or training requirements for specific vehicles and link that back to driver details, so drivers are never assigned to vehicles or equipment  they can’t operate

and costs from just £4 per vehicle per month