Add, maintain & manage your users & drivers in Stream

Save admin time and simplify management of your Stream account with the ability to view, modify and manage all your users, drivers and operatives in a single module.

It is worth noting, that drivers / operatives do not need their own email addresses in order to access Stream with this new release. You’ll also be able to reset the passwords of these users through Stream, which makes day-to-day management a lot easier.



Quickly and easily add, manage and modify details and responsibilities for each member of your team, including:

  • Reset user passwords, suspend users or mark them as left your business
  • Add and configure authorities for new users and drivers
  • Modify and edit details and authorities for existing users
  • Specify and manage your users default depot(s) and limit depot access
  • Manage and add users for your partners (i.e. retailers, third-party logistics providers, etc.)

This release also enables you to add holidays, training and other appointments / bookings for drivers. You’ll also be able add licence details and ‘standard’ working hours for drivers, for example if you operate multiple shifts.

  • Upload a PDF or photograph of a driver’s licence
  • Store extra information against that licence, including number and expiry date
  • Accommodate multiple shifts and add driver unavailability to aid with planning.

Note: The old ‘Drivers management’ menu option is replaced by a dedicated area within the new function to manage driver specific content.

A guide to adding a new user

Navigate to ‘Users & Drivers’ in the menu, which you’ll find top right of your screen and then click ‘Add’ to open up a popup window (User Details)

Working from the top of this window:

  • You can add users for your partners by changing the ‘Company’ in the drop down (learn more about partners in this release – or contact Stream Support)
  • Enter the users name and modify the user profile ID if required
  • Enter an email address (optional).
    • For users with an email address, account activation and password reset emails will be sent to that address. If a user doesn’t have an email address, users will need to set their password when they first log in and any password resets will need to be managed by their administrator.
  • You now can amend the ‘User Type’, options are below.

User types for Stream Go

  1. Operations: access to orders, planning, vehicle details, vehicle types management etc.
  2. Driver: basic driver profile in the app only
  3. Operations & driver: operations user who may also be a driver
  4. Customer services: order search only

User types for Stream Check

  1. Operations: access to vehicle details, vehicle types management etc.
  2. Driver: basic driver profile in the app only.

A guide to custom user settings

You can manage and configure which menu options and settings each user can access by selecting a user, clicking ‘Edit’ and then ‘Custom Settings’.

Again, this will open a popup window:

  • User type: changing the user type using the drop down menu will select the default options for that user type
  • Home screen: set the default home screen at login
  • Menu options: determines which modules the user has access to in Stream
  • Advanced options: give users extra authority in certain modules, for example, an advanced search list in order search, or the ability to delete unplanned orders
  • Reports: provide access to various reports available in order search
  • App options: a driver will appear as an available resource when planning runs, while an engineer has the ability to manage defects from the app

A guide to suspending users & marking as left

Improve security and keep your list of active users accurate by suspending users who no longer need access to Stream, or mark users as having left your company.

Select a User from the list and the Details section will be updated as below.

Going from left to right of the highlighted buttons:

  • Reset password: manually reset a users password
  • Mark as Left and Suspend: users will have their logins disabled. Drivers who have been suspended or marked as left will not appear in the driver list in planning.

You can re-enable these profiles if required by clicking ‘Reinstate’

A guide to depot access & filtering

If you’re operating multiple depots, you can restrict individual users access to a single depot.

By selecting the ‘Single Depot User’ option will mean that user will only have access to vehicles, users, advanced planning and orders for their default depot.

Filter by depot in order search, advanced planning, vehicle details and users & drivers

Users will find an additional ‘Depot’ drop down on these modules, which makes it easier to view information for each depot (single depot users won’t see a drop down option). See the examples for order search below:

In advanced planning, users can filter resources by depot making it easier to assign vehicles and drivers to runs. Single depot users will not have the option to change the depot.

Both will be defaulted to the depot selected. If you’d like ‘All Depots’ to be the default instead, please contact Stream Support to configure that.