Make it quicker and easier for users to change the time on site without leaving the Stream Go planning module

Stream’s new time-on-site pop-up makes it quicker and easier to edit the amount of time a driver or operator is expected to spent on site either unloading, loading or assembling goods. These times are then taken into account when estimating delivery and collection times and planning other stops on the route.

With our latest update, you are also able to view not only the total onsite time, but the time for assembly and unloading. For each delivery, you have an assembly time (for instance fitting, installing or building furniture) and an unload time (which can be manually adjusted to take account of deliveries to upstairs flats or for deliveries with more than five items).

Planners are able to quickly make any adjustments to the time-on-site before closing the run and sending ETAs to customers – all from a single pop-up, which improves workflows and makes for faster planning.

How to adjust unloading & assembly times

Planners are now able to edit the time-on-site in the planning module, by clicking on it in the ‘Unplanned’ or ‘Selected Run’ sections.

Setting unloading & assembly times

A pop-up window will appear which allows users to adjust the assembly and unload time as required. In the example below, the initial unload time is set at 30 minutes and assembly time at 15 minutes.

How to set unloading & assembly times from the planning screen

The planner has adjusted these two elements to 20 and 30 minutes respectively, resulting in a total on site time of 50 minutes.

How to set unloading & assembly times from the planning screen


This change is now reflected in the main planning module.

Easily edit the amount of time spent on site (whether that's unloading or assembly) directly from the planning module

For Stream Go users who don’t offer assembly or servicing on site, the assembly time can be hidden, meaning only the unload time can be adjusted by the planner.

This feature is now available as standard to anyone using Stream Go.