Stream’s Order Monitor gives you an at-a-glance overview of every order currently expected to be delivered on a given day.

Like the existing Progress Monitor, the Order Monitor is a standalone, output-only screen which you can run on a monitor or smart TV in your office.

While the Progress Monitor shows the status of current runs, the Order Monitor shows the status of the individual orders on those runs.

This overview of orders at an individual level allows you to quickly and easily see the status of your orders on the day and review the previous days operation.

From a customer service and operations perspective, it gives your team an additional layer of up-to-the-moment information – and another way to identify (and resolve) issues as soon as they come up.

Order Monitor with different variations

For each order, you can quickly see how the related run is progressing and whether the driver is keeping to the scheduled arrival and departure times.

The monitor uses a traffic-light system to identify potential issues (in red) and on target activities (in green).

You can also easily distinguish between completed events (in bold) and upcoming events (in regular text), and a flag will show where the ETA has passed, but the order has not yet been marked as complete.

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