As we move into Autumn (Fall for our friends in the United States), our October release sees updates to customer tracking IDs, order management and order search, as well changes to the mobile App for drivers and in our route planning module.

Tracking ID

We’ve responded to the changes from channels such as eBay and Amazon’s updated ‘ship confirm’ requirements which require a shipping service provider and tracking ID during the ship confirm process of seller-fulfilled orders.

Stream’s new tracking ID will be available at order level and is scheduled for release on 23rd October 2021.

As part of this release, we’ll be able to provide subscribers with a “widget”, which can be added to their website. Your customers can then use the widget to search for their order and access the Stream tracking screen. By using the widget as a Stream subscriber you can ensure your customers or consumers are directed to your own site. 


How to install the Stream Tracking Widget on your website

We’ve created a helpful guide to give you all the information you need to get the Stream Tracking Widget up and running on your website.

Follow the guide to getting set up over in our help articles using the button below


Route planning

  • Added a setting to show total weight and cube on hovering over a ‘Route’ in the ‘Unplanned’ section
  • Cater for larger quantities
  • Enable filtering by depot on the Vehicle Monitor and add click through to Advanced Planning
  • Improve highlighting in advanced route planning when notes have been imported.


Order management

  • Added a new setting to control the default ‘From’ order date in Order Search
  • A new optional setting to highlight in planning when notes have been imported into Stream by showing the ‘info’ icon orange
  • Further update to new Order details
  • Now possible to capture more information, attachments or photos relating to a Location
  • Change to customer specific validation for partner orders.


API integration

  • New API endpoints added for route planning integration
  • Ensure parent and child items are deleted together
  • Increase maximum length of ID fields in Solutions API
  • Accept time on site in Solutions API


Mobile app

  • Show vehicle payload capacity for a particular delivery / collection run on the Stream mobile App
  • Depot scanning now has a “Scan by Stop” option to scan packages in location sequence.


Reporting and Monitoring

  • Added a setting to show requested date on the label for a specific customer order type
  • Enable users to download reports in csv or xls format
  • Fix delimiter issue when exporting as csv
  • Enable filtering by depot on the Vehicle Monitor and add click from a Vehicle through to Advanced Planning.


General updates, fixes & security improvements

  • Updated and changed the access path for event processing
  • Additional settings to limit depot visibility for a ‘Single Depot’ user profile
  • Minor fix to barcode scanning functionality in the mobile app regarding unable to select items as delivered
  • Fixed issue with duplicated driver documents in the mobile app.


To learn more about these releases, please contact our support team.