What you can expect from our November 2022 release in Stream

Release Date: Wednesday 16th November 2022

Interim Release Date: Wednesday 30th November 2022

All items listed below are subject to release approval. The content of this page may change in the days prior to the official release date.

New features, improvements and fixes. Here’s everything you can expect this month, when Stream’s November release lands:


SMS Gateway Changes*


We’re switching our SMS service provider, which going forward will enable us to offer even more functionality for contacting customers while subscribed to the SMS Add-On for Stream. 

This switch will not cause any interruptions to SMS notifications being sent to your customers. 

Improved Notifications for Manual Vehicle Bookings


We have now made it possible to receive email reminders for any manually created bookings. 

*Added 30th November 2022 – Stream Interim Release

Stream Mobile App

‘Goods On-Hand’ Scanning*


Goods On-Hand Scanning is a new feature that allows you to scan items as they arrive into your warehouse (providing Stream is already aware of them and they have barcodes assigned). 

Once the required quantity of items for an order have been scanned into the warehouse, it will automatically update the ‘On Hand’ date in Stream, making that order available for planning onto a run. 

If you require this additional feature please contact stream@go2stream.com .

*Added 30th November 2022 – Stream Interim Release

Runs & Planning

Selected Run Column Changes*


We’ve added an option to show ‘First Item’ instead of ‘Partner’ column in the Selected Run section of the Advanced Planning screen.

*Added 30th November 2022 – Stream Interim Release


Tracking ID Column Added


We’ve added ‘Tracking ID’ as a column on multiple reports, including the Proof of Delivery export.

‘Delivery Note’ Print Option*


We’ve added a new customer-specific ‘Delivery Note’ print option. 

Stop Summary formatting*


We’ve provided an alternative ‘sort’ option for the ‘Stop Summary’ report export.

*Added 30th November 2022 – Stream Interim Release


Additional Mobile App Settings


We’ve added a number of new settings for the mobile app within the Settings screen in Stream, including: 

  • The ability to toggle whether photos are mandatory when completing a stop
  • The ability to add a custom disclaimer to appear above the signature box in the mobile app


Logistics Order Upload update*


We’ve made the logistics variant of the CSV upload easier to use and added an option to break import files into separate orders per delivery for ease of planning and tracking. 

*Added 30th November 2022 – Stream Interim Release

Users & Drivers

User/Driver Notes


We’ve added the ability to add notes against each User within the Users & Drivers screen in Stream. The ‘User Notes’ field appears in the ‘User Details’ pop up window when double clicking, or editing, a user profile. 

Allow JPEG Attachments


We’ve improved the User Documents section of the Users & Drivers screen to allow the upload of JPEG files against a user.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Types Management


We’ve made a User Interface (UI) improvement to move the ‘Vehicle Type’ details into a dedicated pop-up window within the Vehicle Types Management screen. 

General Updates and Fixes


  • Enhanced pricing logging configuration
  • Improve validation for numeric input fields in Products
  • Hide ‘Vehicle’ on depot collection runs in the Advanced Planning screen
  • Resolve minor issues found in Vehicle Types and Vehicle Details
  • Improve data validation on the Settings screen
  • Resolved space being deleted when typing after the Tracking URL when emailing a customer from the Order Search screen
  • Resolve vehicle details popup timing issue
  • Further search optimisation
  • Resolve http language issue
  • Resolve occasional issue with orientation of certain label formats*

*Added 30th November 2022 – Stream Interim Release

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