Drop-based reporting in Stream Analytics

July’s release includes the ability for Analytics subscribers to report on Drops on top of the existing reporting for individual stops, on any run in Stream Analytics.


Drop-based performance analytics gives you the ability to perform your business analysis on a delivery by delivery (drop by drop) basis, as well as an order by order basis.

Order management

  • New Return to Depot setting default
  • New setting for notes privacy level
  • New setting for auto confirm
  • New setting to change label depot codes
  • New setting to upload logo for tracking and POD.

Stream mobile app

  • We’ve added additional validation in Scan on Container and provide further information in ‘Scan Off Container’.


  • Select and sequence columns to show in the Unplanned list

General updates & fixes

  • Add automatic confirmation option to Logistics based order upload
  • Improve performance of the stop summary report
  • Fix to service level saving
  • Remove duplicate email sent when requesting password reset
  • Improvement to internal logging review screen
  • Do not show header dropdown and FAQ icon on change password screen
  • Remove unnecessary alert emails
  • Resolved issue with negative check times
  • Add loading screen when saving new vehicle check type
  • Function to allow editing of email content (Beta)
  • Resolve printing error with custom product label
  • Resolve issue with Tracking ID filter option in Order Search
  • Use vehicle details when determining if check completed too quickly.

For more information on any of the above please contact support@go2stream.com