Customise reason notes for delivery status

When a delivery is marked as delivered or part-delivered in the app, the driver has the option to provide reasons from a list, including ‘Posted through letterbox’ or ‘Left with neighbour’

For users that have access to the recent Settings function, you can now customise the list of reasons available to your drivers on the app.

Some existing options may not be relevant to all businesses. For example, when delivering pharmaceuticals, ‘Left with a neighbour’ is not suitable but you can now set your own reason options to make them relevant to your operation. Reasons notes will appear as Order events once used by the driver.

Customisable reason notes for delivery status

Product maintenance updates

This release sees a number of updates to Stream’s product maintenance functionality:

Product maintenance updates

Additional product classification icons

New icon options have been added for managing products, Product classification icons give you an easy visual of the classification of products on an order. You can now choose from 30 different icons.

Hide for partners

The ‘Hide for partners’ checkbox enables you to decide whether or not partners are able to view and select this specific product. This may be useful in the case of services or add-ons that partners do not need to view.

Scan not required

The ‘Scan not required’ checkbox enables you to make scanning not a mandatory requirement at the point of delivery. This again would be useful in the case of services (like fitting or set-up) that should be performed at delivery but do not require a barcode scan. It could also be useful for goods that don’t have a barcode attached at all.

Product type

The ‘Product type’ dropdown allows you to associate different services with a specific product. This may be useful for adding safety tests like PAT or LOLER, or for adding a service or a quote to the product.

Storage type

The ‘Storage type’ dropdown allows you to add storage specifications to specific products. This can be set up to require different signatures from different people based on the storage type selected. For example, controlled substances or temperature requirements may require a separate signature.


Notes or documents to drivers using the mobile App

Give access to attachments to the driver as images or pdf documents. Attachments can be linked to the order via the API and notes can be added to Order. In the driver app, any delivery with attached notes for the driver will display an icon, and the driver can download/view the note. This gives the driver visibility ahead of time if there is any specific instruction attached.

These notes could include instructions on how to find a specific building or gain entry to the delivery point.


Pass on notes or documents to the drivers app

Changes to trunking and depot scanning

  • Trunk load scanning changes: in the mobile app, trunk loading scans can be performed by multiple operatives / sessions
  • Trunk loses end date/time when vehicle type changed: prevent the identified issue with trunk run end time on change of vehicle type
  • Depot scanning: further improvements to existing depot scanning and scan lists with the introduction of optional alternate displays
  • Do not update route data for trunks: resolve issues around specific trunk run end times.


Updates to order management

  • Showing the delivery name on order search: logistics subscribers can now show the delivery name column in the order list view if they wish
  • Order management: customer specific pricing and data is now defaulting
  • Order management: changes made to set up automatic emailing to additional contacts
  • Order details: HTML text correction in order details to remove “<?” text on the bottom left of the order details screen.


Changes to the subcontractor portal

  • General improvements to subcontractor portal: subscribers can now define and assign a subcontractor party to a job and email them with job information. You can also add a subcontractor to an existing order. More details on the subcontractor portal will be released shortly.


Updates to Public API

  • Reuse solution ID in Public API: allows the re-use of route solution ID in specific integrations
  • Consolidation level no longer working: API Item consolidation process update


Other changes & updates

  • Out-of-band Resource Load: security enhancements for event images
  • Booking schedule reminder not running: updates to overnight vehicle booking status reminder process
  • Mobile driver App: improved background GPS tracking in Stream’s mobile App
  • Updates to existing Parcelforce integration
  • Quantity added to Job list report.


Beta releases

  • Load building changes for pallet build & break: update to beta version of build and break
  • Phase 2 of document templates: updates to existing functionality
  • Email modal update to use placeholders: emails can be generated from Order Details screen