In this release page, we looked specifically at master runs. Now we’ll have go through copying masters – or indeed existing runs – to use them again and again.

When you copy runs, the information carried through includes:

  • Start location and time
  • Assigned vehicle and driver
  • Any planned stops such as lunch breaks and overnight stops.

Why might I use ‘Copy Runs’?

We’ve looked at subscribers within the Stream community who already operate (or looking at expanding their operation to include some element of) fixed routes / milk runs and there is an obvious use case for ‘copy runs’ in this instance.

Beyond that, if you’ve got drivers who use the same vehicle day after day and have the same start and end point, you can also use copy runs to slot that same combination into a future day’s schedule.

A how to guide to copy runs

You can either copy a selected run only or all runs in the list. Click on ‘Actions’ and either select ‘Copy Run’ to copy the selected run, or ‘Copy All’ to copy all runs in the list.

Start time, delivery method, start / end locations, vehicle type and speed variance are automatically copied in both options.

A pop-up (example below) will appear where you can choose:

  • Add a new run description
  • Set the start date of the new run
  • Whether to copy all stops, copy planned stops only or copy no stops
  • Copy driver and vehicle.

Please note: when copying all stops, orders will be copied as planned stops onto the new run.

When copying all stops, the original orders are copied onto the new run as planned stops. 

To learn more about creating copies (and master routes) for your logistics operation, please contact Stream Support on