What you can expect from our August 2022 release in Stream

There are a number of updates and improvements coming your way in August’s release of Stream.

We’ve added a number of new features to the platform, improved some of our existing features as well as performing some maintenance and general fixes. 

Here’s everything you can expect this month, when Stream’s August 2022 release lands on Wednesday 24th August.

Order Management

Cancel multiple orders at the same time in Order Search


We’ve added the ability to cancel multiple orders at the same time from the Order Search screen to stop this having to be done on an order-by-order basis. You can now simply select multiple orders (using Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click combinations) and then click ‘Actions’ followed by ‘Cancel’ to cancel multiple orders at once.

Remove order date filter if no results found in Order Search


We’ve added a button to allow the quick removal of the order date filter, if no orders are found for the default selected date range (today to 3 months prior). This is to prevent you having to perform a manual adjustment to the filter to see your orders should there be no orders appearing for the default filter.

When uploading orders, the Confirm Orders screen is now skipped when ‘auto-confirm’ is enabled


Previously users would be shown the unconfirmed orders list in ‘Order Search’ after a successful upload, even when ‘auto confirm’ had been selected. We’ve fixed this function so that if ‘auto-confirm’ is selected, users will not see the unconfirmed orders screen following their upload.

Order Monitor tooltips now showing the original planned ETA


We’ve updated the tooltip which appears when hovering over the ETA on the ‘Order Monitor’ screen to show the original planned ETA of the collection/delivery.


Add option to default usual driver in Solutions API


If you don’t send a driver through as part of the API call, this new update can allow you to default the driver based on the ‘usual’ driver of the vehicle in Stream. (Specific to the Solutions API)

Runs & Route Planning

Extra validation to stop a departed run being opened


We’ve added a validation check so that Stream will check if a run has departed and if it has, will not allow it to be opened in planning.


Option to ‘Opt out’ of notifications enabled in Logistics variant of Stream


For companies using the Car Transport & Logistics variant of Stream, we have now added the ability to opt your customers out of receiving email and SMS notifications from Stream, based on their preferences. This functionality is already available to other Stream users and the option to opt out of notifications can be updated by clicking ‘Edit’ on the delivery location details on an order.


Add ‘Area of Operations’ to settings


If your operation spans multiple countries, you can now edit your ‘Area of Operations’ to add or remove additional countries. The ‘Area of Operations’ settings are visible by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’, where you can then add/remove the relevant countries as needed, but these will only be visible to users that have requested access to the ‘Area of Operations’ settings. .

General Updates and Fixes

  • Updates to the Order Details screen (v 1.0.7)
  • Removed unnecessary logging when a ‘trunk run’ is selected in Planning
  • Messages maintenance – initial release
  • Logging added for ‘Run Departed’ in the Stream mobile app
  • Improve integration error logging
  • Resolve issue with zero (‘0’) values in filters
  • Check history events completed under ‘required time’ not being logged
  • Resolve occasional reCAPTCHA warning on login
  • Added custom export format for specific Stream interfaces

Early-August Interim Release

We pushed out an interim release of Stream on Thursday 4 August 2022 to update a few items. The following items were included in the interim release:

Unleashed integration

  • Added the ability to receive orders into a single Stream account from multiple Unleashed accounts

Stream mobile app 

  • Enforce a vehicle check prior to departing in all circumstances (for companies with required vehicle checks enabled)
  • Update to improve container scanning performance
  • ‘Show multiple vehicles on a run’ update to fix display issues for users on the logistics version of Stream
  • Scanning device update for improvements to Zebra & Honeywell devices

Need help using Stream?

Visit the Stream Knowledge base and search for answers to the questions you have, and view our how-to guides, for additional help and support using Stream.