Costs for orders and runs has been expanded in our latest release.

For those subscribers with costs set up in their Stream account, users are able to record costs to each order individually or against the run and apportion them across the orders.

While planning your delivery and collection routes, you can add an overall cost for the run, and then split the overall cost between the individual orders on the run.

You are able to apportion costs either:

  • Equally to each order on the run OR
  • Based on the size of the order, either by cube or by weight.

Use this feature for your own records/reporting, or to invoice delivery/costs to your customers.

If you do not have costs & charges set up in your account but are interested in learning how this feature could benefit your business, please drop an email.

How to apportion costs by cube and weight

In Advanced Planning, select the Run then go to the ‘Actions’ drop-down and select ‘Costs’.

how to get to the costs popup


In the Costs popup, set the overall cost for the run (e.g. £800). You can itemise this by adding multiple costs and descriptions (for example, £100 for fuel or £200 for the driver’s time).

the costs popup before 'distribute'

To split the overall run cost between the individual orders, select ‘Distribute’.

From here, you will see a list of all the orders on the run. You can then either:

  • Distribute the cost manually (i.e. type the amount apportioned to each order into the box, until you reach the run total)
  • Distribute the cost by order. This splits the cost equally between the number of orders (e.g. £100 total run cost, with eight orders on the run, would attribute a flat cost of £12.50 to each order)
  • Distribute the cost based on cube/weight. This automatically splits the cost between the individual orders, taking cube/ weight data into account so that larger / heavier items are attributed a higher proportion of the overall cost and smaller/lighter items are attributed a lower proportion of the overall cost.


with the 'apportion by weight' filled in

These individual orders costs are automatically applied to the individual order (see Financials section on Order Details), where additional costs can be added manually (for example, if one order on the run requires a forklift truck, an additional charge can be added for that).


order details page where you can see the apportioned cost

You can then easily export cost data for each order for invoicing. Contact to learn how.