Give Customers Direct Access to Delivery Information via the Self-Service Customer Gateway

Being able to optimise and plan efficient delivery and collection routes is one thing, but how do you differentiate yourself from the competition and add real value to your logistics operation?

Stream Go provides your business-to-business customers, suppliers and partners with direct real-time access to information about their orders through a self-service web-based customer gateway.

In Stream, there are three key levels of customer information – so you can provide the best service at every level.

Tracking URLs: keep end-customers informed (and happy) at every stage of the process

If you only provide limited, one-way information about an order (or worse, no information at all), consumers, customers, partners, and suppliers will pick up the phone to speak to your team.

Inevitably, this leads to wasted resources, as your back-office staff hunt for information and relay it back.

One of the easiest ways to keep consumers, customers, partners, and suppliers happy is to give them all the vital information they need.

The tracking URL puts the power in the hands of your customers, to control their own orders and deliveries. They can see real-time information throughout the order-to-delivery process.

Provide every end customer with a tracking URL via email or SMS, which displays order details and delivery information.

Whether you deliver your own goods direct-to-consumer, deliver and collect from business partners, or offer a 3PL or transport service, everyone expecting a delivery or collection can access the tracking URL.

From the tracking page, customers can accept delivery slots or request an alternative slot, and add notes or special delivery instructions.

Customers can even see split deliveries, or details of items on an order which may not all be being delivered at the same, directly on their tracking link.

Customer gateway: providing added value for B2B operations

Deliver on behalf of other businesses?

Make the whole process quicker and easier for repeat business customers by setting them up with their own unique Stream login with personalised levels of access.

You may want to give some of your B2B customers the ability to view their orders in Stream as they go through the fulfilment process, while others you may want to give the ability to amend their orders ready to be delivered (or collected) by you.

Whatever level of access you provide, your B2B customers will be empowered to directly respond to queries from their own customers, instead of having to call you for status updates.

Self-service order entry: Give your B2B customers control over their orders

Streamline the order process by giving your B2B customers the ability to add their own orders to Stream, either manually via their own login, or automatically via one of Stream’s integrations.

New orders and any amendments to existing orders can be passed to your sales and/or operations team for review and processing.