Stream’s flexible job booking and pricing engine enables you to quickly and accurately price orders based on your rate card which can be saved as quotes if needed.

With our pricing engine, you can get rid of complicated spreadsheets and generate prices automatically based on custom setup and configuration taken from your rate card, potentially including:

  • Quote for a fixed rate per order for a specific customer
  • Calculate a rate based on mileage
  • Calculate rates based on predefined postal code zones
  • Calculate a rate based on the weight and cube of a specific consignment
  • Use service level or vehicle type required to add additional fees
  • Different discounts or increments based on the customer or partner.

When a new job is added to Stream, the pricing engine will generate a price quote for each delivery, collection or job. 

Orders can be added automatically via our API; added by your customer through the self-service gateway; or manually by your team from a phone call or email. 

You can make manual adjustments to the initial price if needed.

These prices are then used to generate charge reports and/or orders ready for integration with your finance system for invoicing your clients.


How can you use Stream’s pricing engine in your business?

Let’s say a customer calls you to place an order with you. 

You can quickly add the job information to Stream – the delivery / collection address, items to be collected or delivered, any extra charges, the vehicle type, etc. You can even set up unique costs or charges for specific customers. 

In a single call, you’re able to create a job, price it up, quote that to the customer and then confirm the job for planning (or save it for later). 

You know how much to invoice the customer – and can easily add surcharges on after completion if additional charges are required, such as waiting time.

If you have established relationships with your business-to-business customers, you might choose to give them access to add and amend their own orders in our self-service customer gateway.

Your customer logs into the gateway, enters the details for their own transport order or movement request, and then Stream presents them with a price for that order based on criteria you’ve previously agreed with that customer. 

Again, this may be based on any combination of:

  • Base cost-per-mile
  • Distance, location or zone
  • Order weight or cube
  • The vehicle type required (i.e. temperature-controlled or requiring a Moffett)
  • The service level or any extras required (eg. next-day delivery, booking a specific time slot, if there will be toll charges, or if a forklift is needed to load / unload)

You can also add booking restrictions if required. 

For example, your customer must order by 3pm for next-day delivery or only certain customers can make international transport orders through this method.

Once they’ve been presented with the price/quote, your customer can then confirm the booking or save the job for later, pricing can be recalculated before they confirm the order in case anything has changed.

You can also check and approve bookings before final confirmation and planning if needed.

For bulk hauliers (fuel, water, pellets or animal feed for instance), on the other hand, customers can place their orders in the same way using the gateway, but final quantities can be adjusted for final billing after the order is completed.

Their order would include the quantity required, i.e. 600kg or 1,000 litres and Stream will give them a price for the order which they can confirm, reject or save for later.

At the point of delivery or collection, this order quantity can be adjusted to the exact amount dispensed or collected, including a photo of the meter in the ePOD if required. 

The quoted price can now be updated for billing purposes through your financial system.