Whether they’re consumers, businesses, partners or retailers, Stream gives you the ability to provide everyone direct access to the information they need about their orders and deliveries, in the way they want to get it.

Where is my order? No doubt you’ve asked this particular question when you’ve ordered online – or you’ve had to deal with the question through inbound customer enquiries.


According to research by Retail Week, 60% of retailers’ inbound service calls are ‘Where is my order’ related.

Not being able to provide order and delivery tracking not only leads to wasted resources as your back-office staff hunt for information and relay it back, but it also inevitably damages your brand and your reputation.

Whether you’re delivering direct to consumers and businesses, or providing logistics operations on behalf of others, Stream provides order and delivery tracking to help you keep everybody in the process updated on progress and deliver exceptional customer service at the same time.

Designed & developed with customer service in mind

Developed from the ground-up with a customer-first approach, Stream helps you to differentiate your service offering and build your brand’s reputation.

Customers and partners alike have complete visibility over their orders, with automated, two-way communication in real-time.

They’re always able to access the information they need, when they need it, which helps to:

  • Avoid missed deliveries and collections
  • Reduce inbound phone calls & queries
  • Enable queries to be dealt with promptly and efficiently while they’re ‘on the line’ if they do get in contact.

After all, happy customers are repeat customers.

I want to give my customers information about their order

With Stream, your customers can be provided with expected delivery times/slots and a host of other updates on their order via automatic email or SMS text messages, all with a unique tracking ID and tracking link.

This means that your customers are kept informed about the status of their order, right from the moment the order is confirmed in Stream, through planning, in flight and all the way through to it landing on their doorstep.


Tracking information automatically sent by email & text

Tracking ID’s are automatically generated by Stream when an order is created in the system. 

Those ID’s (and the associated tracking link / URL) are the basis for all order and delivery tracking from that point forward. 

Emails and SMS text messages can be sent proactively  based on specific order and delivery ‘events’.

Anything from delivery time slots to confirmation of delivery address and updated ETAs throughout the day to notifications for successful or failed delivery – and lots of other events in between.

If you wish to, you can enable a setting so that your customers have to accept a delivery slot or request an alternative one and add notes or special delivery instructions.

Customers can even see when items across an order are split across multiple deliveries directly through their tracking link.

Emails, texts and the tracking links themselves can be customised and branded with your company’s information.

As well as being visible in Stream, email updates can also be sent directly to you and members of your team so that everyone is always armed with the information they need, when they need it.

Add our order tracking ‘widget’ to your website

If you want you can bring Stream tracking inhouse by directing tracking enquiries through your own website. We offer the option to add a widget to your website where your customers can access the tracking URL by entering their tracking ID and the related delivery or collection postal code for their order. 


I deliver on behalf retailers & other partners. Can I give them access to their orders?

Making deliveries or collections on behalf of others? Want to give those partners access to tracking information on the status of their own orders?

That’s not a problem with Stream.

Make the whole process of delivering on behalf of other businesses quicker and easier for repeat customers by setting them up with their own unique Stream login with controlled levels of access.

Give business partners access to our self-service gateway

Stream provides your business-to-business (B2B) customers, suppliers and partners with direct real-time access to information about their orders through our web-based, self-service gateway.

You may want to give some of your business partners the ability to view their orders in Stream as they go through the fulfilment process.

While others, you may want to give them the ability to add their orders via CSV upload or, better still, let them automatically upload their orders via our API, or one of Stream’s existing integrations, ready to be delivered (or collected) by you.

You may even want them to be able to book orders via Stream.

Whatever level of access you provide, your B2B customers will be empowered to directly respond to queries from their own customers, instead of having to call you for status updates.

And of course, you can send the same tracking ID’s and URL’s to the end-consumer.